Waikiki Beach Walk is one of the most well-known shopping centers in Waikiki – having everything from one-of-a-kind boutique shops and award winning restaurants to weekly activities and live performances. Waikiki Beach Walk is the go-to spot when in Hawaii. Whether you’re on a Hawaiian vacation or passing through Waikiki, stop by and enjoy the variety of shops and award-winning restaurants.

Waikiki Beach Walk Has A Lot To Grab On To

Posted on September 29, 2023

People come to Hawaii for many reasons. One of the most popular is to log some serious beach time. Good thing beach is our middle name. Learn more...

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How to Find Comfort at Waikiki Beach Walk

Posted on September 12, 2023

Along with many ways to delight you, Waikiki Beach Walk also has several options that will outright comfort you. Learn more...

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How You Can Help The People Of Maui

Posted on August 17, 2023

The stunning wildfires that ravaged West Maui have shocked and horrified not only all residents of Hawaii but also the mainland United States and even many p...

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Why A Hawaiian Music Icon Is Commemorated At Waikiki Beach Walk

Posted on August 08, 2023

Gabby “Pops” Pahinui is a Hawaiian music legend, known throughout the Hawaiian music community as an icon in the Hawaiian cultural renaissance of...

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Why You Need To Make At Least Three Visits To Waikiki Beach Walk

Posted on July 20, 2023

OK, so you’ve traveled thousands of miles to spend time in paradise. Naturally, you’ll want to make efficient use of your time.

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Why Fashion Is More Fun At Waikiki Beach Walk

Posted on July 17, 2023

With more than a dozen boutiques stocked with everything from hats to slippers and everything in between that make you look great, many are not only locally ...

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This Is Your Brain On Waikiki Beach Walk

Posted on June 14, 2023

Here are some extremely stimulating things you can get and do here, and how your brain will react when experiencing them.

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Every Ocean Has A Beach, And Waikiki Beach Walk Is Your Best Place To Celebrate The One Named Pacific

Posted on June 12, 2023

June is World Oceans Month, and you can well imagine that for a small island chain surrounded by the vast Pacific Ocean that was settled by famously courageo...

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Why Waikiki Beach Walk Is The Best Place To Spend Mother's Day In Waikiki

Posted on May 08, 2023

Waikiki Beach Walk offers the best options for celebrating Mother’s Day in Waikiki.

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