Why Waikiki Beach Walk is the Happiest Place in Waikiki

May 20, 2024

It’s known that the native peoples of the Arctic have 50 words for snow and there are over 200 words for rain in the Hawaiian language.
Similarly, we can report there are over 40 types of happiness at Waikiki Beach Walk. Simply because Waikiki Beach Walk has 45 fabulous shops, services and restaurants providing happiness.
Here are some of the best varieties.


fish tower served on a white plate and a logo that reads "the blue fish" on the top right side

Red Sun is what The Blue Fish calls its happy hour, and it runs every day from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.
Quick math reveals that this is a lot more than just one hour of Happy, and it’s multiplied even more with drink specials of $3 off all Signature cocktails, $5 pint drafts of superb Japanese beers, $1 shots of Dokuri sake and house wines for just $5. Clearly a much more eclectic choice of beverages than your ordinary bar.
But the extraordinary choices doesn’t stop there. If you are hungry, you can dig into sensational and distinctive food specials like Korean chicken wings for $10, Shishito Peppers for $8, Edamame for only $5 and the fabulous Blue Fish Tower... a delectable stack of your choice of salmon or tuna tartar with a snow crab mix, avocado, sushi rice, caviar & wasabi cream sauce, for only $15!
The best part? On Fridays and Saturdays, Red Sun has an encore showing from 9 p.m. to closing.
Red Sun at The Blue Fish
3pm - 6pm every day
Plus 9pm to Closing on Friday and Saturday

There are Happy Hours and then there Really Happy Hours. Since “yard” is a baseball slang meaning home run, it’s also a perfect way to describe Happy Hour at Yard House because it touches all the bases.  
three people having drinks with some food in front of them. at the bottom the text reads, "yard house. no excuses see you at happy hour."
First Base. To start with, Yard House has a huge menu filled with not only your classic Happy Hour items, but also ingenious, locally-inspired creations like Korean BBQ Cheesesteak and Poke Nachos.  
Second Base. Yard House is known for its environment: an expansive refuge filled with big screens to watch sports (often an integral part of Happy Hour) and an even more expansive selection of draft beer that always includes selections of celebrated local, Hawaii brews. We’ll call this third base.
Add the fact that Yard House Happy Hours feature half price on selected appetizers, half price on all pizzas, and $2 off all draft beers, wine, spirits and cocktails, and you’ve got the best Happy Hour in Waikiki. And a bona fide home run.
Happy Hour at Yard House
Monday through Friday 2 – 5:30pm
Sunday through Wednesday 10:30pm – Close.
a pizza with a lot of toppings, and a slice being pulled out of the pizza. the text on the top left reads "a new york style deli, giovanni pastrami, pizzeria - sports bar"

OK, so there are Happy Hours, and then there are Happy Hours with Waikiki’s best pizza.
Which, if you happen to like pizza, means it’s Giovanni Pastrami Pizzeria & Sports Bar that has the best Happy Hour in Waikiki.
Along with specials on select appetizers and personal pizzas (which we’ll say it again: it’s the best pizza in Waikiki), Giovanni Pastrami has $2 off bottled beer, glasses of wine and pints of draft beer (with a choice of 20 taps), and a whopping $5 off pitchers and bottles of wine.
There are also 20 big screens for watching sports and live music, which makes Giovanni Pastrami one the most welcoming and cheerful environments to be joyously happy ...even without Giovanni Pastrami’s fabulous pizza. Did we mention it is Waikiki’s best?
Happy Hour at Giovanni Pastrami 
Weekdays at 4:30 pm - 6:00 pm


a person wearing a gold chain necklace with some colored stones and a bracelet with some pearls
Pretty much everyone has heard the old adage, “it is better to give than to receive,” and that’s based in part from the pure joy of giving someone a special gift.
But here’s a not-so-little secret: when it comes to jewelry, there’s just as much joy in receiving as giving.
And at Waikiki Beach Walk, the joy of giving or getting jewelry is multiplied several times over, because not only will you have an exceptional choice of fine, tropical-themed original jewelry to gift as a remembrance of your time in Hawaii, you’ll get to actually design your own jewelry at Kolohe Custom Jewelry.
Or, we should say, your significant other will. And that will make he or she very happy.
With a choice of solid gold, gold fill and other metals, a wide selection of stunning semi-precious stones, and style suggestions, an expert in-house designer will follow your instructions to create totally unique and personal expressions of your individuality and taste.
Why wait? Go here to get it going.
hula dancers wearing purple performing on a green grass lawn and a person playing ukulele behind them

Pablo Casals is one of the most famous cellists in history, and we are only telling you this because it was Pablo who described music as “the divine way to tell beautiful, poetic things to the heart.”
Keep that in mind when you are thinking about what to do on a Tuesday afternoon in Waikiki, because from 4:30 to 6 p.m. every Tuesday you can enjoy Kū Haʻaheo at the Waikiki Beach Walk plaza lawn.
Kū Haʻaheo is a free, live, Hawaiian music concert headlined by the award-winning musical duo, Kamanawa, which is comprised of Kumu Blaine Kia and Kalei Kahalewai. Accompanying them is Blaine’s family and hālau hula (a company of hula artists) performing both traditional and classic varieties of hula.  
This is a very special presentation that is absolutely brimming with aloha. And aloha definitely brings happiness.
Kū Haʻaheo
Tuesday, 4:30 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Waikiki Beach Walk Plaza


Waikiki Beach Walk has complimentary valet parking from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. with a $10 purchase from any Waikiki Beach Walk merchant or restaurant! (Regular parking rates apply after 3 p.m.) Just make sure to present receipt to the valet!
And to add a sobering thought: Waikiki Beach Walk urges you to secure a Designated Driver, cab or Rideshare when you drink. 
a blue and white parking map with white and gray text
All photos courtesy of Waikiki Beach Walk.