Statistics Show Waikiki Beach Walk Is Your Best Destination For Valentine’s Day

February 02, 2023

Calendar of February 2023 with a red heart over the 14th.

The polls are in, and the verdict is clear: Waikiki Beach Walk is the best place in Waikiki to celebrate Valentine’s Day.
And this is proven in every category. Consider the following findings:

Most Popular Cuisine

Statistics show that the most-searched restaurants leading up to Valentine’s Day is by far Italian, and for that delectable and heart-warming fare, Waikiki Beach Walk features the best Italian restaurant in Waikiki: Taormina.
Taormina was inspired by the authentic flavors of Taormina, a seaside village in Sicily, and serves the timeless cuisine of Southern Sicily with contemporary style and flair.
At Taormina, renowned Executive Chef Hiro Mimura takes an inventive approach to southern Italian cooking with the highest quality seafoods and meats prepared in lighter sauces in new and imaginative ways. Here you’ll find Sicilian style pastas dressed in pure, extra virgin olive oil, with crisp, fresh vegetables, lightly grilled fish, and lamb seasoned with rich, flavorful herbs to provide diners a remarkable, distinctive -and healthful- range of mouth-watering choices.
Bowl of pasta with fillets of fish on top

Many lovers love the delectable Sarde e Finochetti Spaghettini featuring sautéed sardine, fennel. anchovy, olive, caper, tomato paste and breadcrumbs.

Most Purchased Food

Surprisingly... it’s not Prime Rib or Filet Mignon, but sushi that tops the list of the food most purchased on Valentine’s Day.
We’ll leave it to each reader to speculate as to why, but add that here again, Waikiki Beach Walk fits this bill superbly ...and in a very special Hawaii way.
Most people know sushi is a uniquely Japanese dish made of small portions of sticky white rice flavored with vinegar, usually wrapped in seaweed (nori) and filled or topped with fish (most often raw), vegetables or meat. 
Not as many know that musubi is simply a uniquely Hawaii take on this, with the rice specifically not vinegared, and the meat oftentimes tied to a block of rice with nori. SPAM® is most famously the most popular version of musubi in Hawaii, but many other meats can be used ...including the raw fish variations that are popular in the traditional Japanese-style sushi.
And wouldn’t you just know it that Waikiki Beach Walk has the best musubi in Waikiki, featuring variations with chicken, plums, and fresh, raw fish and roe, including spicy tuna and salmon. You can order platters of this delicious finger food from Musubi Café Iyasume that could feed an entire Valentine’s Day party.
Assortment of musubi/onigiri with various toppings.

Musubi Café Iyasume uses the finest premium Koshihikari rice with an exquisite sweet and salty Amakara seasoning.


For an excellent and elegant traditional Valentine’s Day sit-down dinner option, try Roy’s signature Frying Dragon Roll with wasabi butter.  
Sushi roll from Roy's Waikiki

Most Popular Gift

This one’s not only a No-Brainer, but has been the Can’t-Go-Wrong-No-Brainer-of-No-Brainers since the very first Valentine’s Day (which was in the year AD 496 in case you were wondering).
And for Very Special Baubles for your Very Special One, look no further than Waikiki Beach Walk, which not coincidently, has Hawaii’s Finest Jewelers (specifically, Hawaii’s Finest Jewelers Since 1924), Na Hoku.
And if you are planning for this Valentine’s Day to be much more special than all the previous ones, you’re in luck, because Na Hoku has a very special creation for you to spring on your beloved: The Maile Heart Pendant, resplendent with a gleaming, .5-carat diamond set in glorious 14-carat gold.
Gold, heart-shaped pendant with a diamond at the center.

Most Iconic Gift

Neck and neck (no pun intended) of most iconic Valentine’s Day gifts are 1) sweets and 2) lingerie, and here again, Waikiki Beach Walk has you covered with exquisite cookies from Honolulu Cookie Company, and super smooth, savory and rich honeys from Oahu Honey Co.
Different flavors of pineapple-shaped cookies next to a blue heart-shaped tin with various flora.
Honolulu Cookie Company’s keepsake Tropical Aloha Heart Tin comes filled with 7 premium shortbread cookies in scrumptious 5 flavors.

And while Waikiki Beach Walk does not feature the vivid sexuality of a Victoria’s Secret, it does allow gift-givers an opportunity to show off their fun and playful side with a gift of underwear from Pullin, which will demonstrate their wit and charm, and provide more proof to the adage that the most loving, sensual and sexual organ for humans is the brain. 
Display of boxer briefs from PULLIN
Givers can express their wit and charm with a lighthearted and playful gift from Pullin.

And Finally, the Simple and Thrifty


Greeting cards and wine at ABC.
Shelves of wine at ABC Stores


Complimentary parking.
Map to Waikiki Beach Walk parking locations


All images courtesy of Waikiki Beach Walk