In April Waikiki Beach Walk Celebrates Earth Day in Hawaii and Other Elements

April 04, 2022

Planet Earth in the shape of a heart.

Most of have heard about Earth Day, this year falling on April 23, but not as many know about Earth Month, which, for many reasons, the least being the aforementioned Earth Day, is the entire month of April.  
At Waikiki Beach Walk, we wholeheartedly support and celebrate Earth Day, and everything about it: Sustainability, biodegradable and reusable earth-friendly natural products and recycling. 
But Waikiki Beach Walk doesn’t play favorites. That’s why we are celebrating the other Classical Elements, which along with Earth, also includes Air and Water. (We’ll celebrate Fire in July).
First up, terra firma…


Keep It Simple Simply Loves the Earth

Liquid dispensers refilling glass jars with cleansers for the home.
Let’s face it, the star of the show for Earth Month is Mother Earth, and no one exhibits more concern for Mom than Keep it Simple. And for April, they are pulling out all the stops.
First of all, understand that Keep It Simple’s entire reason for existence is sustainability, zero waste, eco-friendly, local, and natural products. They feature high-quality Zero Waste, Eco, health, kitchen, and beauty products with minimal packaging and from local and small businesses.

They encourage customers to bring their own containers and fill up on products, not only eliminating the need for plastic packaging, but also saving their customers money (and we know money is green, and green is what we want for the Earth).
White & red floral hair comb pinned in a woman's hair.
But Keep it Simple loves the fauna just as much as the flora, as they make sure their products are also Vegan, Cruelty-Free, Non-Toxic and Reef Safe.
Naturally, a company this dedicated to creating a better planet has something special for Earth Day, and on April 23, they will be having two pop-ups in their Waikiki Beach Walk store: A floral hair clip pop up where delightfully creative and original hair clips are fashioned from recycled materials, and a special henna stand for you to express yourself with beautiful skin illustrations.
You’ll also get 20% off refills when you bring in your own container, and all Keep it Simple Hats will all be 50% off your second hat when buying one. Plus, there will be a huge raffle of soaps, scrubs, oils, bath bombs, a tote bag and more that will be running on the 22nd and 23rd. with people entered in the raffle just with a purchase.


Carludovica Hats Love Your Skin

3 wide brimmed sun hats in natural, hot pink, & violet.It’s a no-brainer that Air is a crucial element of the Sky, and a crucial part of the sky is that great big, bright yellow orb they call the Sun that floats through it for about 12 hours of each day. Now, most everyone loves the sun, but the secret is out: the sun doesn’t love you …or at least your skin.
That’s where Carludovica comes in. Featuring one of the best selections of Panama Hats in Waikiki, Carludovica provides super stylish hats for men and women that not only make you look good but protects you from the adverse effects of the sun. (If you ever wondered where they got the name Carludovica, it comes from the name of the Carludovica Palm, which because of its soft, flexible, and durable fibers, makes it by far the best plant from which to craft a Panama Hat.)
For April, Carludovica has their summer line of hats coming in, so you can be ready to rock some serious style this season, and for the ladies, a special collection of lightweight, hand-woven wide brim hats are arriving …all hand made in Ecuador.
Inspired by the French Rivera and endless summers, these tight woven hats feature larger brims and a style reminiscent of the regal luxury of the 50s, 60s and 70s.  And now the 2020s.  
They are even named Grace.

Oahu Honey Co

Pineapple-shaped glass jar filled with Hawaiian honey.
You can bet that honeybees love the air and sky.
Founded in 2013, Oahu Honey Company is locally owned on the island of Oahu whose product line grew out of their business of removing honeybees that were considered nuisances. Instead of exterminating them, owners Justin and Brittany rescued and rehomed them safely at farms throughout Oahu, in turn helping local farmers by pollinating their crops. While Justin relocates the bees and maintaining the hives, his wife Brittany uses the honey, beeswax, and pollen produced by the bees to make raw, natural products, and her artisanal honey products include soaps, candles, lotions, fruit spreads, and flavored honey such as Hot Honey with a little bit of spice, and most recently, all-natural Honey Ice Cream. 
You simply can’t get any more organic. It’s its very own symbiotic eco-system.
Oahu Honey Co offers an amazing variety of organic products, and features lovely, all-natural personal care packages as well as gift boxes, making a visit to their charming boutique an engaging one, as you’ll see firsthand the difference in color and flavor in honey collected from different parts of the island.
For Earth (and in this instance, Sky) Month, you can get one free product with the purchase of two. And, just say the word “Beachwalk” when checking out, and you’ll receive a free gift.


Celebrate ALL the Elements with Holokai Catamaran

Sea turtle underwater with fin flipped up.

The Holokai Catamaran’s fabulous Turtle Canyon Snorkel Sail not only lets you celebrate Earth Month, but also lets you party with the elements of Water and Air.  
You’ll start the day with a nice little sail out to Turtle Canyon, just off the beach of Waikiki, which you’ll soon find out is perfectly named. You’ll then dive into the refreshing waters of Hawaii packed with languid green sea turtles, along with gorgeous tropical fish and other jaw-droppingly beautiful marine life. (However, your first Pro Tip will be, do not drop your jaw while snorkeling).
You’ll get plenty of other guidance from expert snorkel guides to help you feel confident, safe, and at ease as you dive into and explore the amazing eco-system just below the surface. The guides specialize in pointing out not only the honu (turtles), but also hidden creatures such as a tako (octopus), vana (sea urchin), and so much more!  Snorkels, masks, fins, and snorkel vests are all provided; you just need to provide curiosity.
But that’s not all. After snorkeling, the sails are hoisted for a delightful jaunt around Diamond Head in a search for Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins. In the meantime, stretch out on the nets of the catamaran to relax and enjoy complimentary snacks while you soak in the most beautiful scenery in the world.
The perfect way to celebrate Earth (Water and Air) Month.