How to Enjoy the Sweet Life in Waikiki

February 26, 2024

We dare anyone to disagree with the fact that life is already sweet when you are in Hawaii, and especially when you are in Waikiki.
So how could life be any sweeter? We’re glad you asked. Here’s how to get your just desserts in Waikiki.


a hand holding a cup of gelato
Il Gelato’s 7th location on Oahu opened February 26 at Waikiki Beach Walk.
Il Gelato is Waikiki Beach Walk’s newest culinary  addition, and it has a very simple, official mission: to make people happy.
And the way they do it is also very simple, by serving great tasting and all-natural gelato with a big smile. (Their mission also includes excellence on every level, which is not exactly simple, but it is pure, like their gelato).
So for those adhering to a healthful eating regimen, either from January 1st or in general, this is the place for you. They pride themselves on their award-winning, authentic recipes that is made with great passion to support a balanced and healthy lifestyle.
First of all, their gelato contains much less sugar and fat than ice cream. But that’s not all. Their artisan gelato is “all natural,” made fresh daily with only the finest ingredients grown locally. For any ingredient not found locally, they go for the best sources in Italy or around the world (this is getting further and further away from “simple.”)
They are dedicated to the true artisan, handcrafted gelato the way it is done by the finest gelato masters in Italy. They employ their own recipes, original Italian gelato equipment, and authentic traditional Italian processes.
Il Gelato is made with certified and environmentally friendly production processes, using environmentally safe products wherever possible, and minimizing energy consumption.
In other words, their gelato is very, very good, and very, very good for you and the planet! Simple.


a green tea cookie with a whisk and a green and white pineapple shaped container
Honolulu Cookie Company is known for using the finest fresh ingredients to create premium, Hawaii-inspired shortbread cookies presented in unique signature packaging.
Their trademark pineapple-shaped cookie is also a symbol of hospitality, welcoming (and returning) you to the beautiful Hawaiian islands with each delicious bite.
If that isn’t special enough, right now the Honolulu Cookie Company is offering their delectable Matcha Dipped Macadamia cookies in a limited-edition Matcha Pineapple Tin.
Filled exclusively with their seasonal Matcha Dipped Macadamia cookies, this sweet and earthy combination is perfect for matcha lovers or sharing with friends and family, and is the first collectible of Honolulu Cookie Company’s Flavor Collectible Series, where each pineapple tin is filled with an exclusive flavor of the season and released for winter, spring, summer and fall.
The Matcha Pineapple Tin is the first for 2024 and a limited edition, so collect it while you can, and infuse your day with the sweet serenity of matcha.


a display of fruits
First of all, make no mistake, Big Wave Dave is all about having fun with the Pacific Ocean, whether frolicking in it, on it, or alongside it.  That’s why Big Wave Dave is known for providing the best surf lessons in Waikiki, and has rentals available for anything you need for a fun day at Waikiki.
So a day with Dave is an action-packed one on the go, go, go, and that’s why Dave likes to fuel all that go with a nice selection of fresh and healthy choices of fruit you can grab and ...yes, go.


vanilla ice cream and a molten lava cake souffle on a plate
Even if you’ve only relaxed it a little, you deserve a reward, right?
That’s probably the thinking that has led you to this point, so you might as well just go for it.
And that means Roy’s Waikiki.
Here’s a little test to make sure this is the right fit: Just stare at this photo to your right and see how long it takes you to start salivating.
We’re betting you looked at the photo before you even started reading this, and you are ready to dig into one of the most sumptuous and decadent desserts in Waikiki: Roy’s renowned Molten Lava Cake Soufflé ...a dessert so celebrated that you can get your own souffle kit and recipe from select Roy’s locations to take home with you.
Now that’s one incredibly iconic treat. But that’s not all.


Waikiki Beach Walk keeps the sweetness going with complimentary valet parking with a $10 purchase from any Waikiki Beach Walk merchant or restaurant!
a blue and white parking map with white and gray text

Lede photo and Il Gelato photo courtesy of Il Gelato. All others courtesy of Waikiki Beach Walk.