Waikiki Beach Walk Has A Lot To Grab On To

September 29, 2023

a beach chair with a hat and flippers on it
    Photo courtesy of Big Wave Dave Surf & Coffee
Going to the beach might seem like it would be a very easy thing to do, and frankly, it is. But to do it right takes a little planning.

However, planning might be challenging for some people when they are on complete, unstructured vacation. Here’s where we come in.

To properly “beach” you need to be properly fueled/nourished. And in the rushed relaxation of a tropical vacation, sometimes you’ll need quick access to beach fuel. This is called “grab’n’go,” and Waikiki Beach Walk has the best grab’n’go options in Waikiki. From your first grab to your last.

Breakfast: The most important grab of the day

a menu sign with a variety of fruits and vegetables
It’s no secret that Big Wave Dave is one of the most renowned local surf instructors, and his shop at Waikiki Beach Walk is not only the best surf instruction in Waikiki, but also is Waikiki’s best source for complete beach rentals, from surfboard and snorkeling gear rentals, to chairs, umbrellas and of course, surf boards, SUP (stand up paddle) boards, body boards, rash guards and lifejackets.  

But a closer look tells you a little secret: Dave’s shop is called Big Wave Dave Surf & Coffee, and as the name suggests, Big Wave Dave has the freshest coffee in Waikiki.

This is the perfect grab for the beach ...especially when you are on what the surfers call the dawn patrol (and we find that jet-lagged folks from the mainland who are awake staring at the ceiling at 3 am Hawaii time, often want to enjoy sunrise at the beach).
And when grabbing that fresh cup of joe, snatch some fresh fruit to go, or order up some delicious avocado toast for your morning snack on the sand.

Good grab!

a plate of poke with text overlay reading poke bar
Choose from the freshest and locally sourced ingredients to create your own customized poke bowl at the Poké Bar.
One of the best grabs is a made-to-go, nourishing poke bowl from the Poke Bar. For those who may not know what poke is, it is correctly written as poké  and pronounced “POH-keh” and is a Hawaiian staple that features raw, diced fish traditionally tossed with rice, vegetables and sauces.
The Poké Bar at Waikiki Beach Walk puts their own spin on this island favorite, allowing you to build your own masterpiece of fresh, healthy and nutritious dining in a bowl. Starting with your choice of a base of rice, noodles, or greens, you then select from a choice of fish, mix-ins, sauces, sides and toppings to create a customized and healthy meal that’s all your own. 

Poke bowls from the Poké Bar feature fresh Hawaii Ahi (tuna) that has been personally selected in the morning fish market at Pier 38 (meaning this fish was swimming off the coast of Hawaii just hours previously) and are paired with equally fresh ingredients, bold flavors, and endless toppings and mix-ins for an unbeatable taste treat. Best of all, the bowls are prepared fast and available to go, which makes it a very good grab.

Also berry berry good for you

an acai bowl with fruit and berries
The delicious açaí bowl is a signature dish at Waikiki Beach Walk’s Nalu Health Bar & Café.
For a sweeter twist, grab an açaí bowl from Nalu Health Bar & Café, where its name proudly declares its devotion to healthy eating, and why its açaí bowls are a renowned local treat. 
Their secret to their fame is a superlative açaí berry imported directly from Brazil, and naturally sweetened with a native berry syrup also from Brazil. Their bowls are a deep dark purple color that lets you know that the açai is pure (and not mixed with other frozen berries, juices or milk), and why it was named Honolulu Best Açaí for 2023.

Sweet Grab

a person holding a pink smoothie in plastic cup with a straw
Beachwalk Café has more than nine delicious flavors of smoothies to help you stay cool at the beach.
Even in the middle of winter in Hawaii it’s easy to work up a sweat at the beach. That’s when a quick, cool grab from Beachwalk Café can provide a refreshing break in your ‘beach work.’ 
Beachwalk Café is a French-inspired, local company serving scrumptious baked goods from the famous La Tour Café in Honolulu, Hawaii.
Daily treats include fresh, made-to-order and classically prepared Bahn Mi Vietnamese sandwiches, gelato and smoothies.
And the rich, flavorful smoothie is exactly what we are talking about.

Vital Grab

The great (and now sadly late) Jimmy Buffet said it best: Step on a pop top and [you can] blow out your flip flop. Take it from Jimmy, it can happen to anyone. And if it
a wall of sandals and slippers
happens to you, good thing you can get a quick replacement from a fantastic selection at equally fantastic prices at the Waikiki Beach Walk ABC Store conveniently located right next to all the fabulous quick and onolicious (local pidgin for “super delicious) food options we just shared with you.

Another helpful tidbit for you: What is known as flip flops in Jimmy Buffet tunes are called rubber slippers in Hawaii. And they are pronounced “rubbah slippahs” in pidgin.
Just another superb grab’n’go item waiting for you at Waikiki Beach Walk. Waikiki’s best grab’n’go resource.

And finally...

Grab some serious savings

Waikiki Beach Walk offers complimentary valet parking with a $10 purchase from any Waikiki Beach Walk merchant or restaurant.
a blue and white parking map with white and gray text

All photos courtesy of Waikiki Beach Walk unless indicated otherwise.