Why Waikiki Beach Walk is the Best Place to See Hula in Waikiki

November 07, 2023

One of the most charming, evocative and authentic Hawaiian experiences a visitor to Hawaii can experience is hula. However, paradoxically, it can also be one of the most distorted and phony.
So how would a visitor know what is authentic and what isn’t? The answer is quite simple: It’s all in who is presenting it.
Waikiki Beach Walk has been committed to preserving and sharing Hawaii’s rich cultural heritage with our visitors from around the world ever since we opened in 2007.
That is why we have Blaine Kamalani Kia as our cultural advisor. Blaine is known as a kumu hula. In Hawaiian, this means he is a teacher (kumu) of hula, and he oversees more than a dozen halaus (hula schools) in the US and Japan.
Kumu is a very distinctive title and qualification thatMan adorned in ti leaf and cultural garb.jpg
is highly respected by the Hawaiian community,
and he has served as an advisor and member for many organizations that represent and serve the interests of Native Hawaiians.
In fact, Blaine was recognized and honored by the Waikiki Improvement Association for his deep commitment to the perpetuation of the Hawaiian culture and its authentic presentation to visitors.
In other words, when you are talking hula, you are getting the real deal at Waikiki Beach Walk.

But that’s not all. Blaine is not only an
esteemed kumu hula, but also a talented musician and entertainer, with many years of experience in Hawaii’s television and film industry as an actor, producer, and yes... advisor.

Moreover, Blaine grew up in Waikiki. Literally.Older gentleman smiling at the camera His childhood
home was around the corner. He knows the rich cultural and entertainment history of this famous neighborhood, from the
Old School to the OG (not quite as old) all the way to the
most current Hawaiian music entertainers of today.

But back to hula.
Blaine oversees all the hula presentations at Waikiki Beach Walk, which includes his family, as his wife, son and daughters all
perform hula as part of KU HA’AHEO,  a superb -and we’ll
mention it again, authentic- presentation of music and hula every Tuesday starting at 4:30 p.m. at the Waikiki Beach Walk Plaza Stage, which is right next to Yard House Waikiki.
Three women dancing Hula
The Kia 'ohana (family) performing authentic hula

At this show, guests will hear fascinating stories of growing up in one of the most famous resort areas in the world, along with delightful stories about some of the most famous Hawaiian songs and chants of all time.
On Sundays, guests can get even closer to Hawaiian culture with KA LEI HULA, hula lessons given by Blaine’s wife Kaleo, an esteemed and authorized hula teacher, accompanied by Blaine on guitar.
You will not only learn basic hula, but also discover its intriguing history from being a cultural touchstone from the very beginning of Hawaiian culture on the Islands to its banishment by Missionaries and eventual revival by one of the last kings of Hawaii ...fondly known as the Merrie Monarch.
Wide shot of people spread out following a hula instructor
Blaine and his wife Kaleo teach authentic hula every Sunday at Waikiki Beach Walk.

But to add a cherry on top of the hula experience at Waikiki Beach Walk, spectators get to experience all this wonderful, authentic Hawaiian culture within the gorgeous setting of the serene lawn of the expansive Waikiki Beach Walk Plaza, where guest can lounge in chairs or mats, or enjoy a beverage at the casual dining in the outdoor seating area for the Yard House Waikiki that borders the Plaza, or the best steaks and chops at the renowned Ruth’s Chris Steak House Waikiki, which overlooks the Plaza, giving diners a superlative, bird’s eye view of the delightful extravaganza.
Making Waikiki Beach Walk the best place in Waikiki to watch hula. Like we said.

A special hula move
Watch authentic hula at Waikiki Beach Walk without payingParking map
for parking! Waikiki Beach Walk offers complimentary valet
parking with a $10 purchase from any Waikiki Beach Walk
merchant or restaurant.