Waikiki Beach Walk Adds More Farmers to Its Open Market

October 25, 2022

Multiple white canopy tents along the lawn at Waikiki Beach WalkA good open market has many things, but the best ones feature very special crafts and foods that are only available from the community from which the vendors come from and not found in larger stores and shops. This is what makes the Waikiki Beach Walk Open Market so fun to discover and shop.  
For many years now, Waikiki Beach Walk has presented one of the best farmers markets in Waikiki because of precisely that element: a gathering of local farmers, growers and creators of unique crafts and foodstuffs only found in Hawaii that make for wonderful treats and gifts.
And Waikiki Beach Walk is proud to announce the addition of 3 exciting new vendors to our already impressive collection of distinctive merchants, adding more farm-to-table choices to its farmers market.

Wynnwood Farms

Packs of herbal tea leaves on shelves

Wynnwood Farms literally puts more farm into a farmers market not only by name, but with some of the rarest honey in the world, along with select herbal teas all grown on a small farm near Volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii.
With names like Heavenly Hibiscus Mamaki Mint, Blackberry Sage Oloong, and Kamehameha Breakfast tea, one can only use the word enchanting to describe them, and they taste as good as their names.
Similarly, and even more charming is their selection of Eucalyptus and Ohia Lehua honey. This raw and unfiltered honey is the purest kind, meaning to get anything fresher, you’d have to fight the queen of the hive for it.

Best of all, you’ll get to deal with Colt, their top salesman, month in, month out.

For a full list of their wares, go here.
A young boy wearing a red bowtie, white shirt, cream vest, & jeans

Prime Roast Café

3 workers behind the booth serving up prime rib
The Prime Roast Café is a hidden gem of a café that caters to the downtown office crowd of the Honolulu financial district.
As you would guess by its name, this little hideaway is very proud of its Prime Rib, and the succulent fare is prepared under the careful direction of award-winning local chef Ernesto Limcaco, who has more than 20 years’ experience working with select meats. The prime rib offered is top-quality, succulent and tender aged for a minimum of 40 days.

Any way you slice it, this is a delicious appetizer while you peruse the rest of Waikiki Beach Walk.
Sliced slab of juicy prime rib on a cutting board

Going Bananas

Two packaged banana bread tins alongside a yellow menu & green cutting board
Kolohe is the Hawaiian word for the kind of crazy that is a little wild, unruly and untamed. In other words, you can say the Kolohe King is bananas about bananas. Banana bread, to be exact.
This crazy little stand is all-and-only-about banana bread made from locally-grown bananas, and features the most delectable in the world. This is their claim, and they are ready to prove it, allowing you a taste and asking you straight to your face if it’s better than your moms (they are very strident about their banana bread).
With amusing varieties such as Bananamama (this is the direct challenge to moms), CocoNutty (with coconut), WalNutty (Coco’s sibling), KrazyKran (cranberries) and Pineapple Right Side Up (guessing pineapple here), you’ve be crazy not to give it try. For the full selection, go here.

These are just the newest additions to one of Waikiki’s best open markets. For a larger look at the amazing selection at the Waikiki Beach Walk Open Market, go here.

All photos courtesy of Waikiki Beach Walk

Waikiki Beach Walk Open Market takes place on Mondays from 4 to 8 p.m. The lively experience provides an eco-friendly way to support local businesses, while discovering truly one-of-a-kind souvenirs, handmade art, and snacks to take home for yourself or as a gift to someone special.