Why the Holidays are Better at Waikiki Beach Walk

November 14, 2022

View from the 2nd floor of a crowd watching a hula performance on the lawn at Waikiki Beach Walk

One of the things that make Hawaii extraordinary is how special the holidays are. It’s no doubt debatable whether they are more exceptional in Hawaii than anywhere else, and we’re sure there would be many people who are ready to passionately debate this. When they are sitting at home.
However, when you consider how special Hawaii is in general, logic then says that anything that happens here is more special than anywhere else. The proof would be to ask any of our visitors who happen to be in Hawaii over the holidays. So, for anyone who wants to debate the point, let them come here for the holidays and then give us their opinion. We’re betting that they’ll agree that the holidays are more special here.
Trick question, we know.
It’s holiday time in Hawaii, and Waikiki Beach Walk is definitely getting ready, and you can now see and taste it at Waikiki Beach Walk.
To help illustrate this, we have provided some fun ways to finish this famous holiday song lyric:
Patrons cheering at the bar in Giovanni Pastrami“It’s beginning to look a lot like... season” at Giovanni Pastrami, as they have pumped up their Happy Hour with super specials and have started their Sunday morning breakfast at 7 a.m. This matches perfectly with their super drink specials and 22 screens to watch the finally-back-in-full-swing NFL and college football season.
That’s way more Happy than just one Hour can hold, so they have stretched it to 4:30 to 6 p.m. daily.

Turkey slices drizzled with gravy & creamed spinach...Thanksgiving” at Ruth’s Chris Steak House, where you can gather for a special three-course Thanksgiving Feast with all of the trimmings and none of the work.

And if you are hosting at home, Ruth’s Chris will be open early on Turkey Day, ready to provide take-home dinners and sides to go. Make sure to call or email to reserve your scrumptious fare early to beat the rush. Get the contact info here:

And in case you need a hint as to which song we are referring to...

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Troupe of hula dancers in red and purple
(However, the children of Kahale O Kahala hula school will be charming audiences on Friday, December 23)

This is a just a little taste of how the holiday spirit is coming alive at Waikiki Beach Walk. It will be in full bloom for our traditional, annual “7 Days of Christmas” celebration, a magical countdown of Hawaiian music and hula performances for seven straight days beginning Monday December 19 and culminating on Christmas Day.  Be on the lookout for more information about that.


All photos courtesy of Waikiki Beach Walk, except for Holiday Mele photos courtesy of Russ Sumida of AdStreamz, Inc.