November 2019: Treats You’ll Be Thankful For

November 12, 2019

An image collage featuring a group of hula dancers performing for a crowd, an older gentleman holding a glass of white wine at dinner, & a spread of seasonal pineapple-shaped cookies available at Waikīkī Beach Walk® stores in Honolulu, HI.

As we enter November, Hawaii starts its steady crawl towards the winter season. Sure, “winter” has a different definition here in the islands, but that doesn’t mean it feels any less festive. In fact, Oahu has a special way of balancing holiday cheer with its swimsuit-friendly weather—perfect for visitors who love getting into the spirit, but are not quite ready for the chilly temperatures that usually accompany this time of year.

Even the humpback whales would agree, as they begin their annual migration to Hawaii for breeding season from now until next May. Look out to the ocean and you might catch a glimpse of one breaching as they make their grand arrival into the warm Hawaiian waters.

For the rest of us back on dry land, here’s what’s going on this month at Waikiki Beach Walk®.

2019 Ka Hula Hoa Festival

Row of female hula dancers performing for a crowd at Waikiki Beach Walk.

Long before the written language was introduced, ancient Hawaiians used hula dances and chants to communicate their history and culture. Every hand movement, every hip sway, and every turn of the body tells an important part of the story. For the 2nd year in a row, 15 hula schools from Japan will come together for an incredible show honoring Hawaii’s traditional dance. Meet us at the Plaza Stage for a weekend of elegant hula performances you won’t want to miss.

Performance Dates:
  • November 16 from 1:00–6:00pm
  • November 17 from 3:00–6:00pm
And that’s not all. To view the full schedule of November events at Waikiki Beach Walk®, click here.

Thanksgiving in Hawaii

Older gentleman holding a glass of white wine while sitting across of a woman in Roy’s Waikiki.

Local Thanksgivings don’t look all that different from the rest of the United States; here, it’s a day for family, football, and—of course—a feast! Though timeless dishes like turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes loaded with gravy have its rightful place on the dinner table, don’t forget to make room for local must-haves such as Hawaiian poke, poi, and the prized fresh sashimi platter.

While most businesses around the island shut its doors for the Thanksgiving holiday, the streets of Waikiki remain abuzz with its usual hustle and bustle. Waikiki Beach Walk® is no exception. The shopping center will be open during regular business hours from 10:00am–10:00pm for your shopping, dining, and entertainment needs.

If you’re the type to give thanks with a sumptuous dinner spread, keep in mind that reservations tend to fill up quickly at all our fine dining restaurants, so be sure to book a table in advance.

Ruth’s Chris Steak House Waikiki logo.
Ruth’s Chris Steak House
Regularly named Hawaii’s Best Steak House, Ruth’s Chris is famous for serving its finest mouth-watering steaks on a sizzling 500-degree plate alongside fresh seafood, signature sides, and an award-winning wine list.

Phone: (808) 440-7910

Taormina Sicilian Cuisine Waikiki logo.
Taormina Sicilian Cuisine
An elegant restaurant dishing out authentic cuisine from Southern Sicily, Taormina features a contemporary menu of pasta dishes inspired by the little seaside village in Italy as well as an extensive wine selection.

Phone: (808) 926-5050

Roy’s Waikiki logo.
Roy’s Waikiki
Tucked away on the corner of Lewers Street and Kalia Road, Roy’s Waikiki prepares tantalizing Hawaiian Fusion cuisine combining Asian flavors and spices with fresh seafood and local ingredients.

Phone: (808) 923-7697

On the other hand, those who prefer to celebrate by seizing the day should definitely check out our casual dining options before hitting the beach or going for a holiday hike.

Holiday Flavors at Honolulu Cookie Company

No one can resist the delectable crunch of Honolulu Cookie Company’s signature pineapple-shaped shortbread—not even the hardest person to shop for on your Christmas list. Show your loved ones just how sweet it is to have them in your life with these seasonal flavors, wrapped in festive, Hawaii-inspired holiday packaging because near or far, the aloha spirit’s reach is never ending.

1 chocolate, 3 chocolate-dipped shortbread, & 3 mini shortbread cookies all shaped like pineapples sitting on a wooden board next to chunks of peppermint.Peppermint Chocolate: Baked with little chunks of cool peppermint candy, this chocolate shortbread cookie is a new gift worth celebrating.

Dark Chocolate Peppermint: This annual favorite pairs the classic shortbread cookie and the crisp taste of peppermint, all wrapped up in a cozy dark chocolate dip.

White Chocolate Ginger Spice: Take the spice of freshly baked ginger and the sweetness of white chocolate for a warm cookie that perfectly suits the season.

White Chocolate Pumpkin: Hand-dipped in creamy white chocolate, this pumpkin treat transforms into a decadent pumpkin pie a la mode.

Set of 3 stacked Honolulu Cookie Company Mele gift tins wrapped with a white ribbon Clear pineapple-shaped ornament container.

Mele Gift Tower

Mele Pineapple Ornament

Small red Mele gift tin with accents of green & the word Aloha across the front. Green Mele gift box with a window displaying seasonal cookies, wrapped with a red bow.

Mele Gift Tin Small

Mele Window Gift Box

View the Full Collection

Holiday Cookie Dipping Event
Stop by Honolulu Cookie Company at Waikiki Beach Walk® on Wednesday, November 20th, from 2:00–6:00 pm for a special Dipping Event featuring the Chocolate Dipped Macadamia cookie.

Honolulu Cookie Company | (808) 924-6651 |

Holiday Party Prep

Male Breakout Waikiki employee speaking to a group of people in business attire at the entrance of an escape room.

Whether you’re looking for a fun family activity or a unique team-building exercise, Breakout Waikiki offers a thrilling puzzle game that’ll keep the whole group on their toes. With multiple escape rooms to choose from, you’ll need to work as a team to find clues, crack codes, and complete the mission before your 60 minutes are up. From busting out of captivity to saving the world, each theme is designed to get the adrenaline pumping and the wheels in your brain turning.

If you’re looking for an unforgettable experience, contact Breakout Waikiki for your next holiday party.

Breakout Waikiki | (808) 926-1418 |