Shopping at Waikiki Beach Walk Comes with a Catch

May 29, 2024

There are a lot of things you can catch in this world.
But unlike the bad things like colds and hell, the best catches at Waikiki Beach Walk are really good for you.
Here are the best.


Now, we’re not talking about actually pulling one out of the ocean, but at Waikiki Beach Walk, you can get fish so fresh, it’s about as close as you can get to you personally hauling it out of the big blue Pacific.
And at The Blue Fish, it will be expertly prepared by master sushi chefs, and served to you with the perfect, delectable accompaniments for either a refreshing, healthy lunch or a sumptuous, Omakase dinner.
Or the best of all worlds: a vibrant happy hour with drink specials on Japanese beers, sake, craft cocktails and a superb wine list.  
two pieces of tuna sushi on a plate next to a pair of chopsticks. the logo on the top left corner reads "the blue fish."

Not only will you have a choice of fresh, ahi (tuna, and the blue fin variety is what gives The Blue Fish its name) that was swimming around just a few hours before it reached your plate, but a huge variety of other delicacies from the sea available in a wide variety of signature sushi, sashimi and rolls, as well as an amazing array of Asian-inspired hot dishes, salads, and artisan desserts.
The Blue Fish
Waikiki’s finest sushi, sashimi and rolls

So Fresh it’s not even cooked
Every morning at 5:30 a.m., the bell rings on the Honolulu fish auction and the top restaurants and purveyors in Hawaii start to bid on the fresh ahi (tuna) that has been unloaded, inspected and graded just a few hours before. It’s the only fresh tuna auction in America.
That’s where and when the Poke Bar is making their daily selections for their menu, which confirmed by their name, features the best poke bowls in Waikiki. (We should note here that in Hawaii, “poke” [pronounced “POH-kay”] is a delectable mix of fresh, uncooked ahi marinated in a mouth-watering collection of spices and sauces).
Three poke bowls from Poke Bar: one bowl with salmon, avocado, and white rice; another bowl with ahi, some toppings, and brown rice; and a poke salad bowl

Not only does the Poke Bar poke bowls feature the freshest, hand selected ahi, but they are made to order exactly how you want it, customized with fresh and bold flavors of a seemingly endless choice of toppings, proteins, and mix-ins.
The ultimate creation is ready for a quick and healthy al fresco meal in their charming sidewalk café setting, or prepped to go to enjoy at the beach.
Which of course is next to the ocean, and thereby completes the circle of life for the fish.
The Poke Bar
Waikiki’s best poke
Some non-swimming freshness
Not to be outdone, Nalu Health Bar & Café also features fresh ahi (from the same auction), which they serve up in a luscious sandwich or wrap. But true to their name, Nalu is best known for their healthy -and very tasty- menu, and of all the menu choices, their açaí bowls really stand out.
An acai bowl, wrap, and smoothies from Nalu Health Bar & Cafe

Why? Because they use an imported, Grade A açaí directly from Brazil, setting Nalu’s bowls apart from any others. And while Nalu receives raves for its açaí́ bowls, it’s also praised for their healthful and delicious choice of sandwiches, wraps, imported salads, fresh juices and smoothies, all freshly made to order with organic and locally sourced products as much as possible.
It’s a delicious, “healthy-good” menu that is beloved by locals, and you will love it too.
Nalu Health Bar & Café
Waikiki’s best açaí bowls


Imagine this: You and your family and/or friends are locked (literally) in a life-or-death race to save the world. You’ve got one hour to figure out a baffling clutch of clues and the clock is ticking down. The end is near.
Suddenly, the answer to the final piece of the puzzle seemingly comes out of nowhere. A family member cracks the code (by way of brilliant familial genes pf course). Or a friend that you really didn’t think had that kind of critical thinking in them came to the rescue.
Or maybe it was just a lucky break. But here’s the thing: You won’t care. 
Two people looking for clues in a breakout room at Breakout Waikiki

You will all be deliriously celebrating, and will never forget the camaraderie and togetherness that gave you so much fun. Waikiki’s top rated escape rooms


It’s an undeniable fact that pretty much everything about Hawaii produces a deep and powerful feeling. You can call it a spirit or label it as “aloha,” but it is a feeling, and therefore a little tricky to describe. So let’s just call it a vibe.
This vibe is most definitely with you while you are in Hawaii, and may stay with you for a while after you leave the Islands. However, it will eventually fade. So how does one keep that vibe going?
Various types of Hawaii-themed men's underwear displayed on a wall at Pull-In

The answer of course is underwear.
And Pull-in has all the answers you need to keep that Hawaiian vibe going for many years (depending of course on how well you take care of your underwear). Whether it’s a year or two or ten (we’ve heard stories), the vibrant, tropical, and sometimes amusing socks, shorts and tees from Pull-in will keep you in a Hawaiian vibe no matter the circumstances. Even jury duty.
Waikiki’s most creative selection of underwear, loungewear and swimwear


Kid riding a wave on his surfboard
We saved the most obvious one for last. But it’s no doubt the most exciting, as expert instructors personally trained by renowned waterman Big Wave Dave will allow you to catch one of the legendary waves of world-famous Waikiki.
Ultimately giving a thrill of a lifetime, along with bragging rights for ....well, the rest of your life.
Big Wave Dave
Waikiki’s best surf school


Waikiki Beach Walk has complimentary valet parking from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. with a $10 purchase from any Waikiki Beach Walk merchant or restaurant! (Regular parking rates apply after 3 p.m.) Just make sure to present receipt to the valet!
And to add a sobering thought: Waikiki Beach Walk urges you to secure a Designated Driver, cab or Rideshare when you drink. 
A map that shows parking locations
All photos courtesy of Waikiki Beach Walk.