Do You Have What It Takes To Have Fun At Waikiki Beach Walk?

May 04, 2023

Waikiki Beach Walk at dusk with a banner saying PLAY floating on the left-hand side

We all know fun comes in all shapes, sizes and costs, and frankly, just visiting or living in Hawaii can bring joy. So even a nice stroll through Waikiki Beach Walk immersed in pleasant/lovely Hawaiian music broadcast around the grounds is fun. But to get utmost of fun available at Waikiki Beach Walk requires some special characteristics. Here are just a few:

A Good Eye

Whether it’s a rare sprinkle of rain in Waikiki, or (more likely) a cool timeout from the sun and some time to nurse a sunburn, Breakout Waikiki is the perfect way to spend an afternoon in brainteasing fun for the whole family or group.
Boasting five top-rated escape rooms, Breakout Waikiki is Waikiki’s only escape room and is sure to tickle the inquisitive brains of everyone. Even for those whose brains are resistant to tickling (and part of the fun is that you know who exactly they are).

Because let’s face it, some people are better than others in solving these kinds of puzzles. (For instance, if you noticed the blurred logo and typo in the below photo, odds are you will do better in solving the puzzles, and the best thing about Breakout Waikiki, is that even the puzzle-challenged people will have a ball when they are with someone who relish the task.)
Two people looking for clues in Breakout Waikiki game room
If you noticed the fuzzy logo and typo, you just might have what it takes to be the team leader in an exciting breakout!

A Love of Music 

Hawaii conjures romantic images for everyone. Even for those who have never been here before, mention the word Hawaii, and they think of the gorgeous blue waters with rolling surf, and gentle, swaying palms, with sun kissed Hawaiians underneath them, softly singing lovely songs accompanied by an iconic ukulele. This is especially true when dreaming of Waikiki.
Fortunately, you can step right into this vision at Waikiki Beach Walk.
Woman and man seated next to each other playing ukuleles
The Ukulele Store offers free lessons for beginners.
At The Ukulele Store, you can not only shop and choose from Waikiki’s largest selection of locally hand-crafted ukuleles at every price point (and expertly assisted by their knowledgeable and friendly staff), but also get a free introductory lesson to get you going on your Hawaiian musical fantasy.
Then all is there’s left to do is pick out which palm tree you wish to sit underneath.


If you’re a creative person who likes beautiful things, then Kolohe will be your glittering playground.
At Kolohe, you’ll be able to express yourself in precious metals, free to design exquisite jewelry creations that proudly shows the world your inner self (and where you’ve been). The final product won’t be free, however, but considering you’re doing the work, it is pleasantly priced (and being creative, it’s not really work that you’re doing, but don’t worry, we a won’t tell anyone). 
Woman showing off the two chain necklaces and variety of rings on her fingers
You can design your own jewelry at Kolohe.

An Adventuresome Spirit

Returning to those aforementioned romantic images of Waikiki, for most daydreamers, there are surfers riding those beautiful rolling breakers on that crystal blue water. And so, in the spirit of the old axiom, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do,” at Waikiki Beach Walk, you can put yourself into that picture, too, with surf lessons and board rentals from famous local surfer Big Wave Dave
Young boy in colorful board shorts surfing a wave with Diamond Head in the background
Learn to surf at the most famous beach in the world with Big Wave Dave

And finally, A Desire to Save Money

You don’t even have to be frugal to LOVE complimentary valet parking with a $10 purchase from any Waikiki Beach Walk merchant or restaurant.
Parking location for Waikiki Beach Walk at Embassy Suites Porte Cochere for $4 per half hour after 3PM


All images courtesy of Waikiki Beach Walk