Your Field Guide For Fun In Waikiki For March

March 10, 2023

Blue notebook that says "A Field Guide to Waikiki"To say Waikiki has a lot to offer in entertainment options could be the greatest understatement of all time. Let’s face it, as far as entertainment in Waikiki goes, it’s a jungle out there, and navigating it is a daunting task.
Lucky for you, we have this special field guide to help you track down the most fun in Waikiki for March, which of course is known for two creatures that emerge from hibernation every year at this time: The NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, and St. Patrick’s Day.

The ultimate game: The NCAA Basketball Tournament.

This creature actually thrives in captivity ...but not just any cage will suffice for these cagers (see what we did there?). The best environment for this tournament must include three crucial elements:
  1. Multiple television screens.
  2. Multiple beer selections.
  3. Great bar food.

Fortunately, Waikiki Beach Walk has not one, but TWO exceptional locations that are perfect for capturing, and ultimately engaging in close observation of this beast.
Giovanni Pastrami bar area with sports fans cheeringGroup of people each holding a yard of beer

Both Giovanni Pastrami and Yard House are premiere sports bars in Waikiki, and both feature numerous big screen TVs; a vast selection of tap beers ...with many of them rare, local brews... and fabulous food that will keep you energized and satisfied throughout the hunt.

Best yet, both establishments have fabulous specials for the tournament. You can snag them at and

However, it’s important to note that when tracking this beast, it’s crucial for hunters to be able to differentiate between several similar animals.
Bear tracks, deer tracks, & beer tracks, which illustrates human footprints in random places followed by an imprint of a person sitting

Don’t be fooled. “Beer” is the animal you need to follow to get to the tournament ... even though you might like other spirits. (Please note to drink responsibly.)

Our next prey: St. Patrick’s Day

Menehune display at Waikiki Beach WalkSt. Patrick’s Day is known for several things, a color that may or may not be your favorite; certain people and foods that produce gas, and leprechauns. And leprechauns are the key in tracking down the best place to enjoy St. Patrick’s Day.

Why? Because it’s a well-known fact that leprechauns love good food and high spirits both the liquid and emotional variety.
By being the best sports bars in Waikiki, both Giovanni Pastrami and Yard House have this in abundance. So it goes to reason that this is where any self-respecting leprechaun will go.
However, it can be complicated to track leprechauns at Waikiki Beach Walk because of the menehune.
You see, menehune are very much like leprechauns: mythical people that are a) mischievous, magical, and very small in stature. And they also love Waikiki Beach Walk, as evidenced by Waikiki Beach Walk’s very popular monument.
Fortunately, our field guide can help you tell the difference:
Menehune tracks showing mini footprints and leprechaun tracks showing pointed shoe prints

Note the leprechaun is very vain and therefore very sensitive about his height, resulting in his always wearing fey, high heeled (and buckled) boots. The menehune, in contrast, take a naturalist approach to life all Hawaiians. This is your key feature to look for when tracking them.

Spoiler Alert

The leprechaun tracks will most certainly be heading towards Park West Fine Art Gallery.
Park West Fine Art Museum entrance in Waikiki

Why? One word: whiskey. Because if there is one thing that is absolutely irresistible to a leprechaun, it is whiskey, and on St. Patrick’s Day, Park West Gallery will present a special whiskey tasting and art pairing.

The collective hearts of millions of leprechauns just skipped a beat. And maybe a few menehune, too.

So... in celebration of everyone’s favorite Irish holiday, Park West guests can sample fantastic whiskeys and learn to pair each one with classic works of art. Sound crazy? So does the idea of leprechauns and menehune.
Irish whiskey cocktail painting by Godard
Famed artist Michael Godard specializes in art that celebrates spirits of all types -except the ghost kind. Enjoy this work, titled “Whiskey,” along with others on St. Patrick’s Day in Waikiki.

Check it out on Friday, March 17 and again on Saturday, March 18 (Google “hair of the dog”). Both events take place from 6 – 9 p.m.

Further warming the hearts of leprechauns, the drinks will be complimentary (but only to guests over 21 years of age), and there’ll be exclusive pricing on art available for those who RSVP to
We suggest you do this right away, as this will be an absolute magnet for leprechauns, and they could easily book this out.

Finally, get on the right track 

Employ and enjoy complimentary valet parking. Very important when hunting beer.
Map of parking locations for Waikiki Beach Walk, marking Embassy Suites Porte Cochere & Wyndham Vacation Ownership.

All photos and illustrations courtesy of Waikiki Beach Walk