June 21, 2024

There are many icons of summer. Great eats... special treats...BestBeachRentalsWaikiki.jpg
and vibrant summer threads.
Check, check, got that and more.


After all, beach is our middle name, and for many beach is
the soul of summer. So it’s a good idea to approach the beach with respect, and like you know what you are doing. And the first step is to make sure you’re dressed for success.
Authentic Polynesian essence

While Waikiki Beach Walk has an outstanding selection of exceptional apparel stores specializing in tropical beachwear, we want to highlight the latest: EIMEO.

Eimeo is the original name of Moorea, a mystical island 11ModernPolynesianFashionWaikiki.jpg miles northwest of Tahiti. 
It is this evocative south seas isle that is the inspiration of EIMEO fashion,  which is a vintage Polynesian feel with modern trends, and crafted to express confidence, elegance, simplicity and style.
And fashioned to be as comfortable as it is flattering. Drop
by for a breathtaking look, and peruse perfect accessories
for your new look for summer.

Big Wave Dave
Everything you need for fun at the beach

Perhaps the only thing more important thanOutriggerCanoeRentalsWaikiki.jpg being properly dressed for summer is having the proper gear.  That’s where Big Wave Dave comes in.

Big Wave Dave has everything you would ever need for a fabulous day at the beach, from rentals of beach chairs and umbrellas, fins, masks & snorkels, to boogie and body boards (like the above photo illustrates), and of course, the best surf lessons in Waikiki. 
And if you crave something more inclusive than surfing, Dave can arrange for a fabulous outrigger canoe ride for you and a half-dozen or so friends and family on the thrilling waves of world-famous Waikiki Beach.



Waikiki’s best hatmakers

Anyone who ever had to wear galoshes knows that anything that protects you rarely, if ever, looks fashionable. The exception would certainly be a summer hat, and even more so when you are picking one from the best selection of the most stylish tropical hats in Waikiki.

And that would be Carludovica.CustomPanamaHatsWaikiki.jpg
Carludovica, the word, is actually the name of the palm preferred by the makers of the finest Panama hats. Carludovica, the store, is the aforementioned best
selection of the most stylish -and we will add, highest
- hats that are perfect for the summer.
That’s just for starters. Carludovica also customizes hats
with exquisite hand-crafted embroidery. You can choose
from designed crafted in the store by Ray, or have him embroider a hat with your own design.
Not only will the bright, blue sunny sky be the limit for your imagination, it will also be beautifully limited ...for your protection.

ABC Stores
Everything you need for the beach

If there was ever a place that could be describedBeachSuppliesWaikiki.jpg
as “the Swiss army knife for summer,” it would be
ABC Store Waikiki Beach Walk.
First of all, ABC Stores has the best selection
of a full array of top-quality sunscreens
(something that almost everyone forgets about
\until they are almost at the beach) along with
literally anything you would need for a great
summer day: mini barbecues, towels, shirts,
wraps, t-shirts; along with an extreme choice
of snacking items, and any kind of cold drink you
could possibly dream of.
And all to go. So get going.   

Breakout Waikiki
Hawaii’s highest rated escape rooms

Here’s a hypothetical: you’ve spentBestEscapeRoomsWaikiki.jpg
a long, gloomy winter and spring hard at work and just arrived on a long overdue summer vacation in Hawaii whereupon you plunge into
a full day fun at the beach, forgetting about time and ending up looking
like the mascot for Red Lobster
(who is unfortunately currently out
of work).
You now need to stay out of the sun and you’re bummed because you
think your fun has ended.
Well, you’d be wrong.

Because Breakout Waikiki, Hawaii’s highest rated escape room, is ready to not only save the day, but also allow you to take your vacation fun up to a whole new level.
And you won’t just be saving one day. Breakout Waikiki has a choice of six (6!) wickedly fun escape room puzzles that will totally delight, engage and thrill you and your friends or family. So you can space them out through the week, saving your skin and invigorating your brain, and either strengthening those family bonds ... or meeting new friends.
And here’s a bonus: You don’t even have to have a sunburn. It’s good for any ‘ol day, including rainy ones (and that does happen in Hawaii).  We still recommend sunscreen, however.   



Poke Bar
Waikiki’s freshest poke and more

We’re going to go out on a limb and betBestPokeWaikiki.jpg
that among all the senses, the sense of
taste has the strongest, most indelible link
to summer for people.
From the outdoor barbecue to an icy-cold drink, and everything in between, it’s
the tastes of summer that shout “it’s summertime!” the loudest.
And some of the best of the “in between
BBQ and drinks” is a fabulously fresh and refreshing poke bowl made to order and taken out from the Poke Bar and sitting on ice in a cooler ready for a tasty a fulfilling snack on the beach or beach park. 
Poke Bar features the freshest fish personally selected from Honolulu’s daily fish auction, and crafted to your specifications with fresh, locally sourced add-ons and seasonings. And a perfect light summer meal. Trust us.

Il Gelato
Natural, local and authentic gelato

Usually found at the bottom of a menu but definitely at the top of the charts would be a delicious, cold & creamy treat. For many, when enjoyed on a hot, sunny summer day, it’s what summer is all about.

It’s what Il Gelato Hawaii is all about too.BestGelatoWaikiki.jpg
Their award winning, artisan gelato is all natural
and made fresh daily from the finest ingredients grown locally as well as the best sources in Italy
and around the world.
Why Italy you ask? It’s because they are dedicated
to the true artisan, handcrafted gelato the way it is done by the finest gelato masters in Italy, with
'original Italian gelato equipment, and authentic traditional Italian processes.
With that high quality combination, they have created award winning, authentic recipes that are perfectly balanced and support a healthy lifestyle, because their gelato contains much less sugar and fat than ice cream.
Good to know, even though you might not be thinking about that on a hot summer day.



Waikiki Beach Walk has complimentary valet parking from 10 a.m.FreeParkingWaikiki.jpg
to 3 p.m. with a $10 purchase from any Waikiki Beach Walk
merchant or restaurant! (Regular parking rates apply after 3 p.m.) Just make sure to present receipt to the valet!
And to add a sobering thought: Waikiki Beach Walk urges you to secure a Designated Driver, cab or Rideshare when you drink. 
All photos courtesy of Waikiki Beach Walk.