This Is Your Brain On Waikiki Beach Walk

June 14, 2023

Outline of a man's head with comic book phrases around it.

We know there’s a significant number of visitors to Hawaii who want nothing more than to completely veg-out on a beautiful, tropical beach ...of which you’re in luck, as Waikiki Beach can easily punch this ticket, though you will be joining a few others in this quest (which is even better news if you enjoy meeting people from all over the world).
Others are in the mood for more stimulation. Waikiki Beach is certainly well suited for this traveler, too, but Waikiki Beach Walk even more so.
Here are some extremely stimulating things you can get and do here, and how your brain will react when experiencing them. Please note: We are not medical professionals, and we are not in any way advocating that your head be examined. On the contrary, we feel you’ve made an exceptionally wise choice in coming to Waikiki Beach Walk.


Shelves lined with the best Panama hats in Waikiki It’s a fact: haberdasheries have become very rare. Same with millineries. Even more rare are people who know what these are. Here’s a hint: they involve hats, and they are very chic (another $20 word that many may not know). Give up? Haberdashers sell hats (and other furnishings) for men, and milliners sell hats for women.
Whatever your pronoun choice, after a visit to Carludovica, Waikiki’s premiere place for hats, your brain will feel cool in two ways: 1) In temperature, as it will be shielded from the tropical sun, and 2) in temperament, as the alluring designs and superb craftmanship of their hats will make you feel like a movie star.
Fortunately, you’ll be able to further perpetrate that image, because visiting Hawaii is what movie stars do.


SoHa Living is a home decor and gift store that not only embodies the Hawaii lifestyle of leisure, vacation, discovery, coastal chic and tropical luxury, but also has some of the most creative and clever products you’ll ever find.

From beautiful art, decor, pillows, kitchen linens and home fragrances to jewelry, accessories, bath & body, and baby gifts SoHa Living enhances your life with all five senses, including taste, with their signature gourmet line of Made in Hawaii jams and jellies, sauces, mixes, chocolates, sweets and more! 

All perfect for gifting ...if your brain starts feeling generous.
Shop filled with Fun Clever Gifts in Waikiki
SoHa Living now has a store especially for kids.

Mysterious (and Mischievous)

Variety of fun lingerie and boxer briefs in WaikikiThere’s nothing mysterious about Pullin, just wonderfully fun and creative under- and outerwear that is built upon an obsession for audacity, originality and creativity in design.
That’s why you will encounter amusing creations with iconic brands and characters from comic books, Major League Baseball, cartoons and music in everything from underwear (boxers, lingerie, socks) to swimwear (swimsuits, flip flop, towels), denim, loungewear, base layers (first layers, snow underwear pants) & accessories. Local Hawaii artists are also featured in many designs.
So next time you encounter some smartie-pants who thinks they’ve got you all figured out, you can just smile while thinking about your SpongeBob SquarePants undies.


A sandwich for Healthy Eating in Waikiki
Nalu Health Bar & Café features tuna fresh-caught off the coast of Hawaii.

It’s common knowledge that seafood is good for you in general, and in particular, good for the brain. That’s why it is known as “brain food.” (Go ahead, Google it).
We’re guessing you like your brain (and vice versa), so you’ll undoubtedly want the best brain food. This of course, means the freshest, and Nalu Health Bar & Café has nothing but; caught right off the coast of Hawaii, and the star of the show in their mouth-watering Ahi Sandwich.  

But the goodness in both the ingredients and health benefits doesn’t stop there.
This delectable plank of tuna ...fresh, pink, seared and sauteed with onions... is then gently set on a fluffy bed of La Brea Bakery ciabatta, toasted to perfection with a slight crispiness. As delicious as that option is, customers can also select from gluten free, multigrain, white bread, croissant or spinach tortilla wrap choices.
Go ahead and indulge. Your brain will thank you.

And finally, Smart

Free Parking map in Waikiki
Free parking in Waikiki is a mind-boggling concept. But spending just a minimum of $10 at any Waikiki Beach Walk merchant or restaurant gets you 3 hours complimentary valet parking.
Your mind will not only be unboggled, but will be feeling pretty darn smart.

All images courtesy of Waikiki Beach Walk