Every Ocean Has A Beach, And Waikiki Beach Walk Is Your Best Place To Celebrate The One Named Pacific

June 12, 2023

Waikiki hero shot
June is World Oceans Month, and you can well imagine that for a small island chain surrounded by the vast Pacific Ocean that was settled by famously courageous seafaring Polynesians who were also famous for their reverence for the sea, it’s a notable event.

Especially since there are few places on earth that are better to pause, reflect and celebrate the ocean -and the human race’s interaction with it- than world famous Waikiki Beach.

Similarly, there are few places better to prepare you for a day of celebration at Waikiki Beach than Waikiki Beach Walk (seriously... just look at our name).

So for June, we offer not only the perfect place to prep for a day at the beach, but also provide you some significant ways you can support and honor the Pacific Ocean: with retail partners with sustainable products and who also support sustainable practices that nurture our ocean.

It’s in the Name

Kai Aloha

Stylish, reusable canvas totes are just a buck at KaiAloha Supply, with the proceeds going to environmental causes.

“Kai” means water in Hawaiian, and you should already know all about “aloha,” so for KaiAloha, the name is pretty much their mission statement.

KaiAloha Supply was founded not only to provide apparel and accessories for people who love, respect, protect, and have compassion for the ocean, but they also strive to add Aloha in everything they do.

For World Oceans Month, it’s important to note that KaiAloha Supply offers special canvas totes that help eliminate single use paper and plastic bags showing up in the ocean.

These durable, attractive and branded bags are popularly priced useful keepsakes (and good for bringing gifts back home). And it gets even better, as $1 from each sale of the totes goes to various non-profits to help take even further care of our oceans and sea life.

It’s in the Name, Part 2

Keep it Simple

Refill Reef-Safe sunscreens and lotions at Keep it Simple.

The problem really isn’t that complicated: chemicals and disposable plastics are bad for the ocean. The solutions aren’t that complicated, either, and it’s also in the name of another eco-responsible retail partner at Waikiki Beach Walk: Keep it Simple, a store with a mission to provide Vegan, Cruelty-Free, Non-Toxic, Reef Safe, health, kitchen, and beauty products with minimal packaging to Eco-Conscious customers.

But here’s the best part: Not only does this make for a better planet, but it also saves you money!

Honor It!

Na Hoku Wave Collection
The first thing anyone thinks of when thinking of the ocean is of course the wave. The qualities of an ocean wave is what sets it apart from lakes or rivers, and the qualities of waves in Hawaii are what sets Hawaii apart from anywhere else.

Another thing that sets Hawaii part from anywhere else is Na Hoku, Hawaii’s finest jewelers since 1924... and one of the reasons they have been Hawaii’s finest jewelers since 1924 is their stunning collections that honor the natural wonders of Hawaii. One of their most arresting and beautiful is the Wave Collection, which of course we think is perfect to mention in World Ocean Month.

Get Into It!

BWD rentals shot

Get everything you need for a fabulous day of beach watching at Big Wave Dave’s.

What better way to celebrate the ocean than to dive right in and enjoy it, and there’s no better way to enjoy it than take an entire day to relax and extract every ounce of fun that this world-famous beach offers (and trust us, that’s a lot of fun).

And for this, you need to fully prepped with the right gear for maximum enjoyment. Here’s where Big Wave Dave comes in. You may already know Big Wave as one of Hawaii’s most respected and well-known surf instructors which we encourage you to join one of his classes held daily. You may also know of his fabulous coffeeshop and super-casual beachwear boutique. But you can also rent pretty much everything you’ll need for a wonderful (emphasis on “full”) day at the beach.


Want More?

OTR Sustainable Summer logo
For World Oceans Month, Outrigger Hospitality Group presents their 2d annual Sustainable Summer program. This special showcase promotes special events, offers and activities by the environmentally sensitive retail partners located within their properties throughout Waikiki who already feature sustainable products, practices, activities and community efforts.

Get the whole scoop at the Outrigger Zone: And trust us, that’s a lot!

And Finally, Pool It!

WBW Parking icon
Everyone knows you can help save the planet by carpooling, but not everyone may know that Waikiki Beach Walk helps you carpool with complimentary valet parking with a $10 purchase from any Waikiki Beach Walk merchant or restaurant.



All images courtesy of Waikiki Beach Walk