Why You Need To Make At Least Three Visits To Waikiki Beach Walk

July 20, 2023

View from the second floor of the best shopping in Waikiki
OK, so you’ve traveled thousands of miles to spend time in paradise. Naturally, you’ll want to make efficient use of your time. Good thing we’re here to help.
First tip: you’ll want to make sure you schedule at least three trips to Waikiki Beach Walk.
Here’s why...

Trip #1: Beach is our middle name

Shelves featuring the best beach accessories
Almost everything you need for a fabulous day at the beach is available at the ABC Store at Waikiki Beach Walk.
We don’t have any stats, but we’ll bet that 99.9% of people visiting Hawaii do so to go to the beach. And if they are staying in Waikiki, they’ll be going to world famous Waikiki Beach. That right there should tell you that at least one visit to Waikiki Beach Walk is in order, as Waikiki Beach Walk is your best bet for beach prep.
It doesn’t take long for visitors to realize that ABC Stores are the Swiss Army Knife for beaching, as you can get almost everything you need for a great day on the sand: sunscreens, towels, chairs, drinks and snacks of all types. You can even find coolers that you can put everything in and haul to the shore.
It also doesn’t take long for visitors to realize that there’s an ABC Store on almost every corner in Waikiki. So why visit the one at Waikiki Beach Walk? Precisely because it’s at Waikiki Beach Walk, and that puts you in the perfect place to grab other beach needs. 
Like great food.
Woman at the beach digging into Waikiki's best acai bowl
The delicious acai bowl is a signature dish at Waikiki Beach Walk’s Nalu Health Bar & Café.
Serious sun, surf and ‘beaching’ requires energy, and you’ll want to stoke your furnace with the best beach food you can get, and here’s where WBW really comes handy: as Nalu Health Bar & Café has been fueling Hawaii’s health-conscious locals and surfers for 9 years. Here you’ll have a full and healthy choice of what the locals call “ono grindz”... fresh fish less than 24 hours removed from frolicking off the coast of Hawaii, and their renowned selection of mouth-watering acai bowls. You’ll have enough energy for a few more hours of fun on the beach!

Trip #2: A feast for all senses, including taste

Patrons walking up the stairs toward the entrance of Roy's Waikiki
Dine by torchlight at the renowned Roy’s restaurant.
Despite the ono grindz from Nalu, you’ll have a powerful hunger after a full day of surf and sand at the beach, so you’ll want to satisfy that hunger with one of the best selections of dining in one place in Waikiki. And that means Trip #2 to Waikiki Beach Walk.
Hawaii is a special place, and so is Waikiki, so you will undoubtedly schedule a special dinner during your stay. The iconic Roy’s will fit that bill, with a menu filled with eclectic creations from celebrated chef Roy Yamaguchi, and produced with locally sourced ingredients.
The equally iconic Ruth’s Chris Steak House is also on premises at Waikiki Beach Walk, and perfectly situated on the second floor to provide a gorgeous, bird’s eye view of the torchlit and dazzling WBW Plaza at night.

Trip #3: When in Rome...

Hawaiian music show taking place in front of an audience on the lawn in Waikiki
Waikiki Beach Walk presents authentic Hawaii music and hula every Tuesday afternoon from 4:30 to 6 pm. see a lot of statues and Renaissance paintings. When in Hawaii, you’ll want to experience Hawaiian culture, and the most authentic and engaging will be yours in your third trip to Waikiki Beach Walk.
However, Trip #3 could easily become Trip #3A & 3B. Here’s why...
Trip #3A could be any Tuesday at Waikiki Beach Walk. That’s when you’ll experience Ku Haʻaheo, a free, live Hawaiian music concert headlined by the award-winning Kamanawa, led by celebrated vocalist and guitar maestro, Blaine Kia.
Accompanying Kamanawa is Blaine’s halau (hula school), Halau Ka Waikahe Lani Malie. The halau performs traditional and classic dances of the hula art form, providing guests a truly authentic and heartfelt show brimming with the spirit of Aloha that they will cherish forever. Enjoy Ku Haʻaheo every Tuesday from 4:30 to 6 pm.
Group taking outdoor hula lessons in Waikiki
Free hula lessons are offered every Sunday from 9 to 10 am at Waikiki Beach Walk.
Of course, after watching the enthralling hula at Ku Ha’aheo, you may be tempted to try it for yourself. And that can be easily accomplished with Trip #3B, where on any Sunday from 9 to 10 am you can enjoy a complimentary hula class on the Waikiki Beach Walk Plaza.
This hour-long class is reserved up to 10 individuals, and all ages and skill levels are welcome. You’ll learn about oli ...also known as the Hawaiian chant of welcoming... and 5 basic hula steps and their meaning, culminating with learning the complete choreography to a Hawaiian song.

You’ll need to register for this class on Eventbrite.

One more for the road

So if you are keeping score, our Three Trips to Waikiki Beach Walk has evolved to five, so why stop there? Especially when you’ll need special gifts for the folks back home, or something special for you to remember your beguiling days spent at world famous Waikiki Beach.

And for either mission, nothing can beat the new Effy Aloha necklace, now on sale at Na Hoku Jewelers ...Hawaii’s finest jewelers since 1924.
A piece of Waikiki's best Hawaiian jewelry in the form of a diamond-encrusted ALOHA necklace
Wearing the new and sparkly Effy ALOHA Necklace, featuring Diamonds and set in 14K Yellow Gold from Na Hoku Jewelers will allow you bring Aloha vibes everywhere you go.

It kind of says it all, don’t you think?

And one less for the road

As in one less car on the road, because Waikiki Beach Walk offers complimentary valet parking with a $10 purchase from any Waikiki Beach Walk merchant or restaurant.
Map of parking locations for Waikiki Beach Walk, marking Embassy Suites Porte Cochere & Wyndham Vacation Ownership.

All photos courtesy of Waikiki Beach Walk