Why Fashion Is More Fun At Waikiki Beach Walk

July 17, 2023

Young girl wearing a pink dress with seashell pattern to show Hawaiian kids fashion in Waikiki
Photo from Blue Ginger Kids Collection
OK, let's say you are traveling. Specifically, you've traveled thousands of miles to be in one of the most exotic and culturally unique destinations in the world (sound familiar?), and you want to pick up some threads. 

Do you really want to purchase something that anyone could get off the rack almost anywhere else? Perhaps even your hometown? 

We'll bet the answer is a resounding no. When you are in Hawaii, you want something that is from Hawaii. If nothing more than to have a keepsake ...a unique piece of paradise to remind you of your time here.

Lucky for you there's Waikiki Beach Walk. With more than a dozen boutiques stocked with everything from hats to slippers and everything in between that make you look great, many are not only locally owned and operated, but also stock local products, many made right here in Hawaii.
And the best part? They look fabulous, too. So you'll be stylin' with something totally unique from Hawaii.
And that's why fashion is more fun at Waikiki Beach Walk. 
But don’t just take our word for it. Check it out yourself:

Where Feeling Blue Means Happiness

Women wearing a blue batik-style dress in Waikiki
Photo from Blue Ginger Robe Collection
Blue Ginger has been selling exclusively designed and produced resort wear in Hawaii for over 30 years. The beauty of the tropics provides endless inspiration for their original designs, and the bold blue of the ginger flower is their signature hue.
Another gorgeous signature of this unique boutique is the fact that their evocative and original designs are produced exclusively in Indonesia with a batik process that is indigenous to that country. Batik is a unique dyeing process that make the prints colorful, intricate, rich and complex and almost impossible to be replicated in conventional printing processes. 
These beautiful designs and fabrics are made into a wide range of apparel, from sundresses to flowing caftans, playsets for children, and men’s and boys' aloha shirts.
Best yet, every Blue Ginger garment has been prewashed in both hot and cold water, and will never fade.

Pick Your Island

Woman modeling Original Hawaii Fashion at the beach in Waikiki
Photo from Coco Mango Angels by the Sea Collection
Coco Mango is a fusion between chic, French fashion and Polynesian island inspiration. To enter Coco Mango is to stand on the doorstep of the South Pacific. You just need to pick your island.
Along with designers from Bora Bora and Tahiti, Coco Mango also features the Angels by the Sea fashion line, with totally original, locally designed products from all over the Hawaiian Islands. Here again, just pick your island.

Only if You Want to be Iconic

Male model wearing one of Waikiki's Best Aloha Shirts, depicting a pink and blue beach scene
Kahala Collector’s Edition prints are available in Brrr°  Polo versions, with special active wicking, cooling mineral composition, and rapid drying features. 
First, you should know Kahala did not invent the aloha shirt, but you should know that they perfected it, and they did that almost 90 years ago. So even though they aren’t the first, they are the ones who are still standing (and flourishing). Founded in 1936, Kahala is the oldest operating apparel company in Hawaii, still family operated, and maintaining their long tradition of innovation art, fabrics, and of course, Hawaii style.
If you want to tap into this rich tradition, look no further than their wonderful Collector’s Edition line, a limited series of aloha shirts featuring iconic 1940s heritage prints, as well as collaborations with guest artists, designers, and community partners, each with a distinct perspective of life in Hawaii, and all imbued with the vibrancy of Hawaii and the spirit of aloha.
The end result is that a Kahala shirt will make you feel good. It’s that simple. In other words, it’s simply good.

And finally, a stitch in time saves nine

Complimentary valet parking with a $10 purchase from any Waikiki Beach Walk merchant or restaurant will save you WAY more than 9.
 Map of parking locations for Waikiki Beach Walk, marking Embassy Suites Porte Cochere & Wyndham Vacation Ownership.
All photos courtesy of Waikiki Beach Walk unless otherwise noted.