Why Your Best New Year Diet is at Waikiki Beach Walk

January 23, 2024

Some people might be a little distressed to find themselves in Waikiki on a holiday they’ve been planning for months after pledging themselves to better health (or maybe even a -gasp- new diet) in the new year.
Don’t worry. Waikiki Beach Walk has the problem solved. Consider:
Everyone knows that laughter and joy are signs of happiness, and an increasing number of studies indicate happiness is a crucial contributor to good health.
It’s also common knowledge that laughter and joy are the result of having fun, thereby providing irrefutable proof that Waikiki Beach is good for your overall health.
That’s because Waikiki Beach Walk far surpasses the minimum daily requirement of fun. Here’s proof:

If it looks fun, it is.

two women wearing sweatshirts with the word aloha
Ask any kid (of any age) and they’ll tell you: Outside of cookies, nothing is more fun than a day at the beach. And making that day even more fun is wearing some stylish and trendy casual beachwear that you absolutely love and feel good wearing.
The Aloha design line from Mahina certainly fills that bill. Caps, totes, crews, sweats, and even jewelry ...all inspired by, and emblazoned with, ALOHA that is sure to bring joy whenever you put them on.
Add a cookie and you’ll be in nirvana.


Add Fun to Art and you get ...
something that makes kids giggle.

Some art is more fun than others. At Park West Fine Art Museum & Gallery, you can take your pick. From the intensely moody realism of Rembrandt to the vibrant and playful joy of Peter Max, the one thing in common with all is that it will definitely enrich your life one way or another.

Which brings joy. And remember, joy is a huge part of happiness.
two people looking at a painting
Anyone who visits Park West Gallery receives a free unframed artwork and a $500 credit towards a purchase at the gallery! Terms & conditions apply

Well, obviously.

a group of colorful macaroons
Beachwalk Café has 10 delicious flavors of macaron cookies, plus delicious smoothies.
Ask any kid (of any age) and they’ll tell you: Nothing is more fun than cookies.

Beachwalk Café not only checks that box, but goes one step further with 10 varieties of macaron cookies. What’s a macaron, you ask? 
Originating in France, French macarons are delicate sandwich cookies with a crisp exterior. They are typically made from ground almonds, coconut or other nuts, with sugar (of course) and flavors only limited by the imagination of the baker.
For Beachwalk Café, that imagination gives you a choice of your basic (but delicious) chocolate, strawberry and vanilla, but also the delectable, salted caramel, coffee, blueberry, red velvet, Oreoâ,  along with island favorites mango and lilikoi. It’s the best selection of macarons in Waikiki.  

What can you say other than “Yum!” Which we point out, rhymes with fun.

Food for the mind.

two people sitting in chairs playing ukulele
It was no less than the ancient (and illustrious) philosopher Cicero who said, “Cultivation to the mind is as necessary as food to the body.”
Since we are presumably watching what we eat right now, it’s time to put those calories into the old noggin.
And according to the observation of a slightly less illustrious (but more adored) thinker, Dr. Suess, “The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go,” makes learning something new a very exhilarating proposition.
But considering you are already in Hawaii, what if you don’t want to leave? We again have the answer.
Besides offering the best selection of new and vintage Ukuleles in Waikiki, The Ukulele Store has free ukulele lessons every day at 4:30 p.m., so you can learn some tunes on probably the most iconic musical instrument of Hawaii. The lessons are first come first served, for up to 10 people ages 12 and up. 
With an introductory instrument and free lesson, you’ll be able to conjure up the memories of your time in Hawaii any time you want.  

And finally, what’s more fun than saving money?

Waikiki Beach Walk offers complimentary valet parking with a $10 purchase from any Waikiki Beach Walk merchant or restaurant. We assume you are smiling now.

a blue and white parking map with white and gray text
All photos courtesy of Waikiki Beach Walk