3 Simple Exercises For A Happier And Healthier New You In 2023

January 27, 2023

Black outline of a Vitruvian man symbolIt happens every year about this time. We are all besieged with a flood of ads promoting every imaginable self-help aid, from simple (and complex) weight loss to myriad guides of how to improve your life, be it decluttering, refocusing, or streamlining your work protocol. All to create a better you.
Not to be outdone, and in the spirit of truly making you happy, we offer the following simple exercises that will bring you happiness and joy in the coming year. And we guarantee it.
No need to thank us. Just doing our job.

Exercise 1: The Steak Stab

Let’s start with the basics. (AKA, the “meat and potatoes,” as it were.)
Steps to eating a steak at Waikiki's best steak house using "The Steak Stab" with figures: 1) a hand, 2) a fork, 3) a hand grasping a fork next to a down arrow signifying motion, 4) a mouth smiling in satisfaction after eating something delicious

You can practice the Steak Stab daily at Ruth’s Chris Steak House, where you’ll always find the finest USDA Prime steaks, and a prime reason Ruth’s Chris has garnered numerous prestigious awards including the Hale Aina Gold Award for Best Steak as well as being named “Best Steak House” in the “Hawaii’s Best Awards” sponsored by the Star Advertiser.
Sliced open filet mignon with asparagus spears in the background.
The Prime Filet is just one of the many savory cuts available at Ruth’s Chris Steak House at Waikiki Beach Walk

Exercise 2: The Poke Pluck

Steps to eating Waikiki's best poke using "The Poke Pluck" with figures: 1) a hand, 2) a hand holding chopsticks, 3) a hand picking up a morsel of food next to an up & down arrow signifying motion, 4) a mouth smiling in satisfaction after eating something delicious
Your best reps of this exercise will be performed with a large poke bowl from the Poke Bar that has been customized with your choices of fresh-made rice, noodles or crisp vegetables, savory spices and then topped with your choice of protein, one of which could be ahi purchased at 5 a.m. this morning at the Honolulu Fish Auction at Pier 38.  
Poke bowl with miso soup
Freshest poke in Waikiki

Exercise 3: The Pizza Pull

Considered one of the best sports bars in Waikiki, Giovanni Pastrami is a classic New York style deli and is a favorite amongst visitors and locals alike, showing all major sports on 20 hi-def  and 4k TVs, and proudly serving Waikiki's best pizza.
Steps to eating Waikiki's best pizza using "The Pizza Pull" with figures: 1) a hand, 2) a pizza, 3) a hand holding a pizza slice under a left-facing arrow signifying motion, 4) a mouth smiling in satisfaction after eating something delicious

Also featuring Waikiki’s largest breakfast selection, Giovanni Pastrami lives up to its name as a classic New York style deli with thick, New York-style deli sandwiches, 1/2 pound burgers, fresh pastas, and of course, Waikiki’s best Reuben and Pastrami sandwiches, and more. Comfort food at its finest!
Loaded pizza with a slice being lifted up
The Maui Zowie, with sweet and spicy Polynesian sauce, Ham, Bacon, pineapple, tomatoes and red and green onions is just one of the 12 unique and delicious pizza creations at Giovanni Pastrami.

PRO TIP: Finish Strong

It’s a known fact that in order to keep your body fueled up for the maximum benefits of any exercise, it’s important to maintain a sufficient intake of carbs. And the Carb Curl is the perfect way to get the carbs your body needs. You’ll soon grasp just how perfect. Read on.
Steps to eating Waikiki's best dessert using "The Carb Curl" with figures: 1) a hand, 2) a fork, 3) a head next to a curved arrow signifying a motion, 4) a sparkling empty dish

Roy Yamaguchi is a renowned member of the legendary and groundbreaking Hawaii Regional Cuisine, which put Hawaii on the culinary map with their use of a network of farmers and ranchers providing locally grown food and ethnic flavors into a grand, fresh and flavorful fusion of the islands’ pristine and unique resources.
This all adds up to an exceedingly fresh and healthful menu full of locally grown produce, beef, pork and seafood featured in famous dishes like Roy’s Classic Misoyaki Butterfish and Roy’s Wood-Smoked Szechuan-Style Baby Back Pork Ribs. But another equally celebrated signature dish is Roy’s sumptuous and totally decadent chocolate souffle, which never gets listed in any self-help, healthy eating guides.

A pity.
Souffle gushing chocolate with an ice cream scoop & raspberry coulis.
Roy’s Chocolate Souffle is often also referred to as a Molten Lava Cake. It has a thick and gooey chocolate center that is a chocolate lover’s dream, and a surefire carb boost that will supercharge any workout. Or put you into blissful sleep.

The Cool Down

As any fitness pro will tell you, a crucial part of any exercise regimen is the cool down period after a workout. In this case, we recommend a refreshing beer at Yard House, where there are over 130 taps of ice-cold draft beer available to choose from (with over half of them being local craft brew).
Steps to tasting Waikiki's best beer selection using "The Cool Down" with figures: 1) a hand, 2) a draft beer, 3) a hand lifting beer glass upward, 4) a smiling mouth
Yard House flyer showing a group of 4 people holding beers with the caption "Where's the party? Like you even have to ask"

All illustrations courtesy of Waikiki Beach Walk and Waikiki Beach Walk Partners