Have Your Cake And Eat It Too With Healthy Cooking From Waikiki’s Finest Restaurants

January 09, 2023

January calendar with the word "Start" circled in red on the 1st.A new year is always cherished for the twin benefits of being able to say goodbye to any negativity from the past, while also providing  a fresh start and incentive to make positive changes in one’s own life, and frankly, the world at large. 
In doing so, many make resolutions and goals for the year, and for those who make eating better in 2023 as one of their goals are in luck. Because Waikiki Beach Walk not only has the best selection of exceptional restaurants in Waikiki, but they all offer some delicious and very healthy menu choices.

At Ruth’s Chris, sometimes more is less. More or less.

Let’s start with Ruth’s Chris. You all know this restaurant has made its fame from superb cuts of beef exquisitely prepared, and a key ingredient of this preparation is butter. However, there are many menu items that clock in under 500 calories, including a fantastic petit filet that has only 340 calories. Pair that with fresh broccoli (40 cal) or asparagus (100), a crisp Steak House Salad (40), or even a robust Louisiana Seafood Gumbo (180) and you would only be topping out at 700 calories, leaving plenty of room for libation or dessert. (However, this may be where you’ll need to muster the most willpower).
Frankly, the menu contains many delectable options and choices where you can get a Starter, Entrée and side for under 500 calories! Check it out here:
Filet mignon on a white plate
The delectable petite filet at Ruth’s Chris Steak House is only 340 calories.

Fresh and healthy ingredients have always been on Roy’s menu.

Roys Waikiki clam dish in a black bowl
Roy’s Nomilo Fishponds of Kauai Curried Clams features mouth-watering fresh ingredients from Hawaii.

Roy’s entire history is based on healthy, farm-fresh food, and a simple perusing of the menu will confirm it. Roy, of course, is one of the originators of Hawaii Regional Cuisine movement, and if you pardon the pun, the key element of this is using local products other words, Roy is one of the first practitioners of “farm-to-table” products.  So not only do guests receive the absolutely freshest greens, but also the freshest fish, which is significant, because Roy’s is famous for incredibly inventive seafood dishes.

Say si! to healthy fare from Sicily.

Closeup of cherry tomatoes, prosciutto, & feta cheese
The light and flavorful Insalata del Bosco at Taormina will whet your appetite for more delicious, finely crafted dishes. 

Taormina was inspired by the authentic flavors of Taormina, a seaside village in Sicily, and serves the timeless cuisine of Southern Sicily with contemporary style and flair.

However, instead of the heavy sauces associated with southern Italian cooking, Executive Chef Hiro Mimura pairs fresh pastas with the highest quality seafoods and meats without them. At Taormina, Sicilian style pastas are dressed in pure, extra virgin olive oil, and crisp, fresh vegetables, lightly grilled fish, and lamb seasoned with rich, flavorful herbs provide diners a remarkable, distinctive, and healthy range of mouth-watering choices.

Here are just a few that could satisfy any resolution:  
  • Insalata del Bosco
    • Arcadian Harvest greens, cherry tomatoes, pear compote, beets, prosciutto, feta cheese and walnuts with a garlic dressing.
  • Salmone alla griglia
    • Grilled King Salmon topped with a prosciutto and anchovy cream sauce served with grilled vegetables.
  • Grilled Monchong
    • Grilled local catch with lightly seasoned grilled vegetables finished with an oregano dressing.

Permission to postpone resolutions are unconditionally granted at Waikiki Beach Walk.

And for those who are especially wise enough to make their resolution: DO NOT TORTURE MYSELF, we suggest an unrestrained dive into the total pleasure that sports bars provide, and Waikiki Beach Walk features two of the premier sports bars in Waikiki.
Why are they premier? Because while any old sports bar will give you oodles of TVs, and draught beer -and both Giovanni Pastrami and Yard House provide dozens of both- you’ll get superb, soul-warming food to go along with all the fun.
Pastrami slider, fries, & pizza.
Giovanni Pastrami features the best pastrami - and pizza - in Waikiki.

Want proof? Why would a restaurant put “pastrami” in their name if they didn’t have the best Reuben Sandwich in Waikiki? And that’s exactly what you’ll get at Giovanni Pastrami (along with of course, a straight-up Pastrami Sandwich), but they also feature pizza from Round Table, which is also considered the best pizza in Waikiki.

But why stop there?

If you’re going to go big on treating yourself, go all the way. The scrumptious, and let’s face it, totally decadent Korean BBQ Cheesesteak at Yard House is one of many dishes there that would cause any calorie-counting device to simply explode.
Cheesesteak sandwich next to a basket of fries
After just one bite you won’t even care how many calories are in the Yard House Korean BBQ Cheesesteak, so go ahead and have fries with it.
All photos courtesy of Waikiki Beach Walk