Super Choices For Super Bowl Watching In Waikiki

February 02, 2023

TV screen showing a football game inside of an actual footballYou might have heard that there is a certain football game coming up soon that a lot of people are interested in watching. Some might even be wagering on it.
One sure bet, however, is that Waikiki Beach Walk is the best place to watch this game. Why? Because Waikiki Beach Walk is home to not just one, but two of the best sports bars in Waikiki.
But what makes them so great? Glad you asked. To borrow an old advertising tag line from a (very) famous fast-food brand, “Food, Folks and Fun.” (Note: “Beer” is an important part of it, too, but it doesn’t fit in the alliteration, and “Foam” doesn’t sound good. But rest assured all of these places have plenty of beer.)

First Down: Giovanni Pastrami

Sports bar inside of Giovanni Pastrami filled with people cheering during the football game

TVs? Check. Over 25 of them. Beer? Ditto, with 13 taps of draft beer (and 7 of them local crafts) on tap. Great Staff? You bet, plus the best pizza in Waikiki.
Not only all that, but we ask you: Why would a restaurant put “pastrami” in their name if they didn’t have the best Reuben Sandwich in Waikiki? (This is a rhetorical question, they do. Plus their burgers are grilled to perfection.)
Put this all together, and you’ve got a fabulous spot in which to watch The Big Game.

Third and Long: Yard House

Three men holding half yards of beer with caption "Take It to The House" & a circled button that says "Game On"With the longest bar in Waikiki (“third and long”... get it?) showcasing more than 130 taps of cold draft beer, with half of them local crafts, this is Waikiki’s best selection of American craft, import, and local craft beer.
But that’s not all. Yard House Waikiki also features one of the most inventive menus in Waikiki, with intriguing dishes like the scrumptious Korean BBQ Cheesesteak at Yard House and the amazing Kurobuta Pork sandwich, with tender and succulent Berkshire pork garnished with spicy candied bacon, white American cheese, arugula, and topped with house-made blueberry ketchup.
Or just have some tacos. They only have about 7 versions, one with poke (an incredible local concoction made with super-fresh raw fish in a spicy marinade that will only have you reaching for more beer).

Touchdown with Complimentary Parking

Guests of Giovanni Pastrami and Yard House enjoy validated parking at Embassy Suites by Hilton Waikiki Beach Walk.
Map to free validated parking in Waikiki

All photos courtesy of Waikiki Beach Walk