Why Waikiki Beach Walk is the Perfect Place for Families

December 18, 2023

Besides the obvious benefit of being in Hawaii for the Holidays, Waikiki is an amazingly wonderful place for families.
And Waikiki Beach Walk is especially fun for the entire family.

Keiki means “child” in Hawaiian

a store front with a sign
Sure, most stores like to think they are family-friendly, with a small section and/or selection for children. Nice try. SoHa Living has an entire store just for kids!
SoHa Living is a home decor and gift store that embodies the Hawaii lifestyle of leisure, vacation, discovery, coastal chic and tropical luxury.  They carry beautiful products for your home, from art, decor, pillows, kitchen linens and home fragrances to jewelry, accessories, bath & body, and baby gifts. 
They take pride in thoughtfully selecting products to make their shoppers feel relaxed, happy and tranquil with pleasant island keepsakes, and with that in mind, created SoHa Keiki, a store specializing in child pleasing goods ranging from bedroom and nursery décor, baby blankets, stuffed animals, books and games, to kids’ accessories and more.
They also proudly carry a signature gourmet line of foods made in Hawai'i from jams and jellies, sauces, mixes, chocolates, and sweets. Which, last time we checked, are very popular items with kids of all ages.

Just don’t tell the kids it’s healthy

a plate of sushi with shrimp and a glass of alcohol
The Blue Fish has one of the best Happy Hours in Waikiki, with delicious dishes and drink specials every day from 4 to 6 pm.
Families, after all, are simply close collections of people, and it is sometimes amazing how different they can be from one another. And because everyone cares about each member of this collection, you want the best for them.
Good thing The Blue Fish has just opened at Waikiki Beach Walk. Featuring master sushi chefs and the highest quality locally sourced fish and seafood,  The Blue Fish menu boasts a wide variety of classic and contemporary preparations of sushi, sashimi and rolls, as well as signature Japanese and Korean dishes with a nod to both tradition and innovation.
In other words, a healthful variety for everyone. Including an extraordinary selection of craft cocktails, sake and wine, and a fabulous Happy Hour that can allow mom and dad to relax and better able to enjoy any children who may be especially energized by Waikiki. 

And now for something completely different. And new.

a poster of a person with black and white text
Of course, every family is different, and some may not strive for as much togetherness as others.
In fact, some might have a deep desire to escape from their families, and, really, what better way to do that than going to an actual escape room?
So while the old-timey comedian George Burns once famously quipped, “Happiness is having a large, loving, caring, close-knit family another city,” you don’t have to go to another city. You can achieve happiness by having them in another room. In this case, the only escape room that has confined a sitting US president.
Because right now, Breakout Waikiki is celebrating the opening of their brand-new escape room.
Inspired by then-president Barack Obama’s visit in 2016, Breakout Waikiki presents Obama’s Mission Manoa, a high-stakes quest to recover launch codes that were hidden by one of your allies, a captured agent. To succeed, you must infiltrate the enemy’s stronghold, secure the codes before the enemy discovers your identity and locks you up for good!
It has been officially recorded in the White House log that the Obama’s broke out with only 12 seconds to spare (and it was also noted by others that first daughter Malia solved the crucial final clue to spring them).
Can you do better than the President of the United States? Find out at Breakout Waikiki. Waikiki’s only escape room.

We canoe you could do it

“A family that plays together stays together” is a very old saying that is still supported by the most recent social science research. No one knows where it originated, but as good a guess as any would be Hawaii, and in particular, Waikiki.

a group of people in a canoe
Take your entire family on a thrilling outrigger canoe ride on the famous waves of Waikiki arranged by Big Wave Dave
And for families that like to play together, there’s no better resources than a) Waikiki Beach and the Pacific Ocean, and 2) Big Wave Dave. Put them all together and you’ve got hours and days of fantastic fun and thrills that will also create unforgettable memories (but just in case, take lots of pictures).
Featuring rentals for every piece of gear you’ll need for the beach, Big Wave Dave is also home to the best surf lessons in Waikiki, and can also arrange for electrifying outrigger canoe rides that skim and plunge along the famous waves of Waikiki
If that doesn’t thrill everyone in the family, nothing will.

Where to park the family van in Waikiki 

Waikiki Beach Walk offers complimentary valet parking with a $10 purchase from any Waikiki Beach Walk merchant or restaurant.
a blue and white parking map with white and gray text

All photos courtesy of Waikiki Beach Walk unless otherwise indicated