How To Make New Years Day Dining Last All Year Long in Waikiki

December 29, 2023

Many people treat themselves to the best meal they can think of on New Year’s Day. But what do you do if you have more fabulous dining options than one day can accommodate? (Like, say, Waikiki Beach Walk).
The answer, of course, is to stretch this day out throughout the coming year. Or even by the week. Here’s a day-by-day guide. 

Day 1: The TraditionalRuthsChrisNewYearsDayDiningWaikiki.jpg
You know what we are talking about. White linen.
Fine wine and timeless cocktails. And a luscious cut of tender, juicy steak nestled next to a baked potato loaded with the works.

In other words, Ruth’s Chris Steak House.
And whatever superb cuts of beef you are in the mood for, rest assured Ruth’s Chris has the best, and they are prepared in their signature process, slathered in rich butter and still sizzling when delivered to your table. Simply put, the most delicious and indulgent treat to start the new year you could possibly imagine.
Why not? You deserve it.

Day 2: Traditional, Hawaiian StyleBestFreshAhiWaikiki.jpg
A longtime New Year’s Day tradition in Hawaii is to celebrate the new year with delectable, fresh ahi (which is tuna in Hawaiian).
In other words, The Blue Fish.
Since the very name The Blue Fish refers to the blue color
of tuna, this is a match made in Hawaii culinary heaven. Which is crucial when meeting the standards of a very long-established tradition of New Year’s Day eating in Hawaii, and still a great idea for the remaning 364
The Blue Fish Signature Japanese Restaurant serves the finest sushi, sashimi, and rolls with an emphasis on quality and freshness. They also offer an array of Asian-inspired hot dishes, salads, and artisan desserts for those “individualists” who like to buck tradition ...or perhaps put a little twist on it.
You will also be able to complement this exquisitely fresh meal with uniquely crafted cocktails or a selection of fine wine, sake, and beer.
And we all know that it just might be a little “hair of the dog” cure for the revelry of the night before.

Day 3: The Roy-al Treatment
Roy’s Wood-Smoked Szechuan-Style Baby Back Pork Ribs are just one of the many delicious and creative twists on dining tradition at Roy’s Waikiki.

For those who like to think of themselves as both a traditionalist and a little bit of a maverick, Waikiki Beach Walk is their best bet. Because at
Waikiki Beach Walk, the traditional always exceptional, and in the case of fine dining,
that means Roy’s.
The traditional New Year’s Day meal usually
involves a superlative steak with the usual accompaniments and for sure, you can get that at Roy’s. However, at Roy’s this is a Char Negi & Pepper-Yaki Filet Mignon with a "Hapa" Congee, Sumida Watercress, Jicama Slaw and Sesame Garlic.  An imaginative take on tradition which one expects from a culinary  legend.  (We didn’t think we would need to mention that Roy Yamaguchi is a culinary legend, but indeed he is,
and dishes like this is how you get to be one).
And for those traditionalists who want to take a little walk outside of tradition, Roy’s features an incredibly delectable 48 Hour Tender Pork Shank with orange & Mint Pesto Butter and Portuguese Sausage Puree or an even more sumptuous  Pastrami Rubbed Hudson Valley Duck Breast & Leg Confit with a lemon marmalade and Yuzu Hibiscus Ver Jus.
Who needs tradition, anyway?

Day 4: The Healthy ApproachHealthyEatingWaikiki.jpg
January 1 is usually a feasting day of maximum indulgence. This is usually because January 2 is the start date of New Year resolutions of new, healthy eating regimens and dietary restraint. However,
many people already have healthy eating regimens, and prefer a less indulgent way to treat themselves
on this day.
For them, Nalu Health Bar & Café is the perfect way
to begin the new year...and throughout the year. Especially when they add a day on the beach or on the waves at Waikiki as their accompaniment to Nalu’s delicious and nutritious menu. 
Which includes their acclaimed acai bowl, with imported grade A açaí directly from Brazil complemented with an array of mouth-watering, fresh, locally sourced and organic ingredients. Add some delightful smoothies, fresh island coffee, coffee flavorings, cold brew on tap, kombucha, coconut yogurt, gluten free bread, and gluten free vegan baked goods, and you are ready for sun in the sun.

Day 5: A different kind of bowl 
Giovanni Pastrami has a huge array of big screens, craft beer taps and an extensive menu perfect for watching the Big Game.

Mention January 1 and the first thing that comes to mind are 1) a sumptuous meal, and 2) college football. At Waikiki Beach Walk, you get both in one great location: Giovanni Pastrami.
Featuring a rocking bar with 20 hi-def  and 4k TVs,
and 14 taps of draft beers, Giovanni proudly serves Waikiki's best east-coast-sports-friendly breakfast, thick New York-style deli sandwiches, 1/2-pound burgers, Round Table Pizza (Waikiki’s best!), fresh pastas, and much, much more. (For instance, their name may give you a clue to their excellent pastrami club).
Giovanni Pastrami is not only comfort food at its finest, but just simply the ultimate in comfort, period. Plus sports.  

The Weekend: Rinse & Repeat
The Blue Fish and Giovanni Pastrami are open for lunch, so you can easily enjoy them all over again if you start Friday evening.

The best parking option in WaikikiFreeParkingWaikiki.png
Waikiki Beach Walk offers complimentary valet parking with a $10 purchase from any Waikiki Beach Walk merchant or restaurant.

All photos courtesy of Waikiki Beach Walk unless otherwise indicated