How You Can Help The People Of Maui

August 17, 2023

Map of Maui island

The stunning wildfires that ravaged West Maui have shocked and horrified not only all residents of Hawaii but also the mainland United States and even many parts of the world.
The response has been a profound groundswell of sympathy, compassion and support to the devastated community through generous contributions of funds and donations of food, clothing and shelter.
This includes Waikiki Beach Walk.
We began a drive to collect aid for the survivors -our ʻOhana- of this catastrophe almost immediately and have received over 200 boxes of clothes and essential items donated by our partners at Waikiki Beach Walk. The response has been generous and swift, and we’d like to especially thank our partners, Tori Richard/Kahala, Sunshine Swimwear, Keep it Simple, Park West Gallery, Na Hoku and Crazy Shirts.
Room filled with boxes of nonperishable donations

The Immediate Need

Currently, in-kind donations have been sufficient for the Maui community and we are told that the immediate need now is for funds.
Therefore, we encourage those who wish to further help the Maui ʻOhana to donate cash to a resource of your choice. We have been directing cash donations to the Hawaii Community Foundation – Maui Strong Fund. 

Donate here: Maui Strong - Hawaii Community Foundation