Where to Find Fun for the Whole Family Right in Waikiki

August 31, 2021

Image of a little girl playing with a spout of water shooting up from the ground at Waikiki Beach Walk with the words "Where to Find Fun for the Whole Family in Waikiki" underneath.

It’s no surprise that Hawaii always comes to mind when thinking of the perfect destination for your next vacation. It’s a romantic getaway, a nature lover’s dream, and a foodie’s paradise all in one. Hawaii is also one of the most popular places to travel to for a good old-fashioned family vacation. With so many shops, activities, cuisines, and cultures to offer, a trip to the islands will certainly be filled with all-day fun.

If it’s your first time in Hawaii, certain things like an authentic Hawaiian luau, a hike up Diamond Head, or a visit to Iolani Palace should definitely be on your to-do list. But on the days that you want to stick closer to home base, it’s easy to find something the whole family can enjoy doing together. For those staying in the Waikiki area, here are some family-friendly ideas at Waikiki Beach Walk.

Learn More About Hawaii by Taking a Class

One of the best parts about Hawaii is that there are many opportunities to learn something new and unique. Aside from picturesque beaches and perfect weather, the culture is what really makes Hawaii a beautiful place, so taking the time to explore Hawaiian heritage is an excellent place to start.
Much of Waikiki Beach Walk’s entertainment revolves around sharing native Hawaiian culture. One event that you and your family can take part in is our Ka Lei Hula class, an hour-long lesson that takes place at the shopping center every Sunday morning. All ages and skill levels are welcome to join in and learn the meaning and choreography behind Hawaii’s sacred storytelling dance.
Man standing up on the back of a surfboard with a young boy lying on the front while riding a wave.

For the outdoorsy families who love getting active in nature, surf lessons are a must. While surfing is now a global sport, it carries societal and spiritual connections that are deeply ingrained into Hawaiian culture. In fact, surfing was considered the “sport of kings” as it was particularly popular with the ruling class of ali`i (or chiefs). In the early to mid-1900s, surfing was brought to the international stage by legendary waterman, Duke Kahanamoku, establishing Hawaii as the surf capital of the world.
For rental gear and lessons, look no further than Big Wave Dave Surf & Coffee. Dave himself has over 40 years of surf experience and was once a famed Waikiki Beach Boy. His team is comprised of equally seasoned instructors that each hold important knowledge of the ocean and how it ties to Hawaiian culture.
To book your surf lesson, visit

Pick Up Resort Wear for the Whole Family

Father & two sons in matching aqua blue aloha shirts standing next to the mother & daughter wearing blue floral sundresses - all smiling for a photo by the ocean
Photo Credit: MyHawaii Arukikata
If you’re on vacation, you might as well look the part! For top-quality resort wear, take the family on a shopping spree at Blue Ginger on the first floor. Dyed using the Batik technique of stamping fabric with a protective wax layer to create complex prints and variations of color, Blue Ginger’s signature designs are colorful, intricate, and – best of all – comfortable.
With a wide selection of aloha attire designed for both adults and children, there’s a piece to be found for everyone, whether it’s a sundress, aloha shirt, jumpsuit, or blouse. Matching family sets are also available if you’re planning to snap a few family photos to frame at home or send out as your next holiday card.

Put Your Heads Together to Solve a Mystery

Mother & 3 kids with their hands up in celebration while playing an escape room game at Breakout Waikiki
Photo credit: Breakout Waikiki
As wonderful as the sunshine feels, sometimes you may feel like taking cover and getting out of the heat for a moment. Why not cool off for an hour by testing your puzzle-solving skills at Breakout Waikiki? With 5 exciting escape rooms to choose from, it’s a great way to get all members of the family working together towards a common goal: finding a way out. Some may be skilled at finding clues while others are quick at piecing them together to answer the bigger questions. Either way, teamwork is key.
Each room also has a different theme to give you the full game experience, whether your mission is to stop a runaway freight car or break free from an illegal mind control facility. To book your escape room adventure, visit

Gather Around for Family Dinner (or Lunch)

2 pizzas loaded with toppings, a plate of chicken wings, & a green salad with tomatoes & cucumbers from Giovanni Pastrami in Waikiki
Photo Credit: Giovanni Pastrami

Nothing brings the family together quite like food. From grab-and-go snacks at the ABC Store to full-on fine dining restaurants like Ruth’s Chris Steak House, Waikiki Beach Walk’s diverse dining options are sure to please even the pickiest eaters. Try customizing your own poke bowl from Poke Bar or get a taste of real, elevated Hawaiian fusion cuisine at Roy’s Waikiki. Of course, you can expect to get a few tugs at the sleeve passing by Cafe Glace’s incredible gelato case too.

To see all of our dining options, click here. Reservations are highly recommended.