How To Tell It’s Spring In Waikiki

April 04, 2023

Woman picking plumeria flowers wearing a shirt with similar flowers on it from Crazy Shirts
Photo courtesy of Crazy Shirts

Those who live here know that there are two simple rules about the seasons in Hawaii:
  1. There are really only two
  2. Visitors can’t really tell between the two
To be fair to our cherished visitors, we admit it’s pretty hard to tell when spring arrives in a land where there really isn’t one. Flowers (and trees!) bloom all year long, and visitors can certainly be excused for wearing shorts and t-shirts throughout the year. Even on days when the locals button up with their winter jackets.
Sure, spring officially arrives with the equinox of March 20, but really, few can truly notice it.

We’re here to help, as there are a few distinctive and very colorful clues at Waikiki Beach Walk that let you know that spring has definitely sprung. And being Hawaii, they of course are very beautiful.

A bloom boom from Kahala

Dark blue aloha shirt with orange, yellow, white and green flower outlines
Photo courtesy of Kahala

Our spring celebration starts with a bloom ...a Sonic Bloom, in fact, which is the name of a new tropical floral print from Kahala: makers of Hawaii’s original Aloha Shirt since 1936.

Sonic Bloom features a vibrant floral and fern design that bursts with life and color. Made from 100% cotton broadcloth, this shirt is incredibly soft and comfortable to wear, while also being durable enough to last you for many springs to come. Available in navy or plum, both colorways perfectly complement the bold design, creating a look that is both unique and eye-catching, and brings the vibrancy of the islands right into your closet.

Bunnies start showing up

Easter treats basket featuring Honolulu Cookie Company seasonal products
Photo courtesy of Honolulu Cookie Company

As part of their 25th Anniversary celebration, Honolulu Cookie Company has refreshed and re-inspired their 2023 Floral Collection as an homage to Hawaii and created in collaboration with Hawaii designer, Jana Lam, a local artist and designer that creates lifestyle products and accessories that celebrate her island home. Her signature style is all about color, movement ...and fun! A perfect match for a vibrant and bright collection of delicious treats ...and spring.

The unbe-LEAF-ably gorgeous Maile Leaf Collection from Na Hoku

Leaf-shaped pendant with pearl and diamonds
Photo courtesy of Na Hoku

Na Hoku, Hawaii’s finest jewelers since 1924, marks the advent of spring in their own matchless way with the beautiful Maile Leaf Pendant. Featuring pink Mother of Pearl and diamonds set in 14K Rose Gold, and inspired by the captivating tropical flora of Hawai’i, this pendant is perfect for adding a touch of paradise to anything you wear.

Crazy Shirts gets serious

Collage of model shots wearing various Hawaii-inspired T-shirt designs
Photos courtesy of Crazy Shirts

Along with its intoxicating fragrance, one reason plumeria is extremely popular as a greeting lei is because it blooms all year long and is always available. Even though it is found all over Hawaii and therefore thought of as common, there is actually a legendary plumeria farm that has been producing fascinating and stunningly beautiful plumeria hybrids since 1973.
Unfortunately for anthophiles (people who love flowers), the renowned (to anthrophiles) Jim Little Nursery & Farms of Oahu’s North Shore is not open to the public. But fortunately (for everyone who likes cool, t-shirts), Crazy Shirts has unveiled a new line of designs that feature the exotic creations of this nursery.
Just another sign of spring at Waikiki Beach Walk.

And finally, showering some savings petals on your metal

Map showing Waikiki Beach Walk parking location at Embassy Suites Porte Cochere for $4 per 1/2 hour after 3pm
One of the best bargains in Waikiki is in full bloom at Waikiki Beach Walk with complimentary valet parking with a $10 purchase from any Waikiki Beach Walk merchant or restaurant.