Every Day Is Earth Day At Waikiki Beach Walk

April 06, 2023

Make Every Day Earth Day, April 22 graphic
As we all know, there’s a big day coming up in April, and no, we’re not talking about Tax Day. It’s bigger. In fact, it’s as big as the Earth itself, and that’s about as big as you can get until we start marking observing Universe Day.
At Waikiki Beach Walk, Earth Day is like a day at the beach. But frankly, every day is like a day at the beach at Waikiki Beach Walk, because Waikiki Beach Walk is the perfect place to prepare for a day at the beach. From beachwear and beach gear to snacks and activities, Waikiki Beach Walk is your crucial one-stop for beach prep.
But now you can feel even better with your beach prep at Waikiki Beach Walk at each step. Because from environmentally dedicated stores to locally sourced organic foods to environmentally friendly beachwear, Waikiki Beach Walk makes respecting the earth seem like ...well, a day at the beach.  

First Stop: Beachwear

Collage of new shirts featuring whales from Crazy Shirts
Crazy Shirts has some superb new designs that feature Hawaii’s most famous tourist. Photos courtesy of Crazy Shirts.

Waikiki Beach Walk has one of the best selections of local boutiques packed with leisurewear. Crazy Shirts, one of the most iconic local brands has been an advocate for the environment since its founding in Waikiki in 1964. Their environmentalism continues to this day, by using organic, environmentally friendly dyes in every one of their products, and designs that honor and celebrate the world we live in ...most spectacularly, the stunning nature of Hawaii.
And right now, Crazy Shirts is celebrating Hawaii’s renowned whale watching season with beautiful new designs that allow you to honor our most famous tourist (besides you, of course).

Next Stop: Protection

Keep It Simple Zero Waste storefront, which sells reef safe products
Photo courtesy of Keep it Simple.

Keep It Simple was founded on a simple (no pun) premise: Zero Waste. But along with a mission to reduce waste, it’s also dedicated to offering environmentally safe products, as this includes sun screens that are safe for the living reefs that surround Hawaii.
Ditto for their body oils to soothe your sun-kissed skin after a day on Waikiki Beach.  After all, you are part of nature and therefore you should be treating yourself accordingly, with vegan, cruelty-free, non-toxic and reef safe products for eco-conscious people.  

Stop #3: Snacks 

Organic burrito, smoothies, and acai bowl from Nalo Health Bar & Cafe
Photos courtesy of Nalu Health Bar & Café Waikiki.

A new addition to Waikiki Beach Walk is local favorite Nalu Health Bar & Café, which, as its name plainly states, provides a deliciously healthy menu of items such as açaí, ahi (fresh tuna from Hawaii waters), and local Hawaiian coffee.

Nalu’s “healthy-good” menu” is beloved by Hawaii locals, with premium açaí berries imported directly from Brazil in their signature items, and a made-to-order menu of bowls, salads, wraps, fresh juices and smoothies.
Nalu uses fresh, organic and local ingredients as much as possible which not only supports local farmers, but provides customers the healthiest and tastiest food possible.
And you can enjoy it all dining in, or take-out to savor it on the shores of Waikiki.

Afterwards: Dinner

Dish filled with clams from Roy's Waikiki
Roy’s Nomilo Fishpond Kauai Curried Clams features succulent fresh clams from Kauai ...just like its name says. Photo courtesy of Roy’s Waikiki.

It’s not only the Poke Bar that features fresh, local fish at Waikiki Beach Walk. Chef Roy Yamaguchi, namesake of Roy’s Restaurant became famous as one of the original local chefs that created Hawaii Regional Cuisine, which has the use of locally sourced products as one of its founding principles.

So after a relaxing day at the beach, relax with a fabulous dinner that can feature not only a fabulous variety of fresh, local seafood, but also crisp, locally sourced organic produce grown in Hawaii.

And finally

Original seascape artwork of a blue wave from Wyland Galleries
“DoubleWave” by glazier artist David Wight. Photo courtesy of Wyland Galleries Waikiki.

You’ll want a memento of your idyllic -hopefully many- days on gorgeous Waikiki Beach, and there’s none better than a stunning work of art from Wyland Galleries or an equally exquisite work of jewelry art from Na Hoku.
Both highlight the magnificent natural wonders of Hawaii in their works. In particular, the namesake artist Wyland made his fame by painting gigantic murals of whales on massive buildings around the world. Fabulous art depicting whales are major sellers in the gallery to this day.

Moreover, Wyland Galleries features the stunning works of glazier-artist David Wight, whose thrilling glass sculptures of cascading waves is a gorgeous reminder of the nature one encounters when visiting Hawaii ...and the perfect artistic keepsake.
Authentic Hawaiian jewelry pendant with diamonds shaped like the sunset
Graphic courtesy of Na Hoku Jewelers Waikiki.

Another Waikiki Beach Walk gallery that celebrates nature is Na Hoku - Hawaii’s finest jewelers since 1924. The boutique has many pieces that honor nature, as well as entire collections such as Wave Collection, Waterfall Collection, and the sparkling elegance of the Horizon Collection, which elegantly depicts the sun passing through the horizon, but you can tell everyone that it’s the Earth.

True art, after all, is always open to interpretation. Just as beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

Pool It & Cool It

In Germany, they have super highways called Autobahns. At Waikiki Beach Walk, you can practice a little bit of ‘auto ban’ by carpooling into one vehicle and taking advantage of the fabulous complimentary valet parking with a $10 purchase from any Waikiki Beach Walk merchant or restaurant.
Map graphic showing free validated parking in Waikiki